Yoga for Kids With Special Needs

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A yoga practice for children with special needs can be an encouraging and safe environment and may likewise alleviate symptoms associated with certain disorders. Discovering an unique requirements– specific course or teaching your kid in the house can be efficient ways to support your special child. Similar to any new exercise program, consult your physician first.


A yoga practice may ease the signs of attention deficit ailment, or ADD, however just if exercised regularly. Positions like headstand and supported shoulder stand are beneficial to children experiencing ADD, because the poses calm the nerves and help suppress hyperactivity. Guided mind-calming exercise might likewise be an effective treatment for children with ADD.

Down Syndrome

Yoga can help children with down disorder by stimulating mental and physical capabilities. Low muscle tone is an usual attribute for individuals with down syndrome, so selecting poses that strengthen muscles will be useful. Instructing the child postures like mountain, tree and warrior poses will enhance the muscles covering the joints and ligaments and can be fun and playful poses for the child.


For children with autism, it’s very important for the teacher and child to bond slowly. Once the relationship has developed, the educator can present breathing workouts and yoga poses that assist bring the child out of her layer. The breathing workout lion’s breath is performed utilizing a powerful exhale with the mouth while sticking the tongue out. This workout is useful in dealing with stress and anxiety, and children find it fun.

Learning Disabilities

The Urdhva mukha paschimottanasana position is an upside down variation of a seated forward bend. It relaxes and supports the mind and can be helpful to kids dealing with finding out disabilities. Right here’s how to do it: While pushing your back with your head on the floor, stretch both upper hands towards the ceiling. Stretch the arms above the head and slowly produce the feet to the hands. Hold for 30 seconds.