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Step 1: Yogasana

* Yogasana massages your abdominal muscles and enhances digestion.

* Sit in the Lotus posture, legs crossed, with each foot resting on the opposite thigh.

* Inhale and breathe out, then bend forward, decreasing your forehead to the ground.

* While still bent, clasp your hands behind your back and stay in the posture for 20 seconds.

* Continue to breathe.

Step 2: Spinal twist

* This position aids digestion by making it easier for meals to relocate with the intestines.

* Sit on the ground with your left leg extended in front of you.

* Cross your right leg over the left and rest the sole of the right foot on the outside of your left knee.

* Twist your body to the left as far as is comfortable, and put the palms of your hands on the ground to the left also.

* Continue to be because position for 10 seconds as you inhale and breathe out easily.

* Repeat the posture on your right side.

Step 3: Cobra

* This posture extends the stomach muscles, promotes flow, enhances food digestion and relieves constipation.

* Lie on your belly with your arms bent, elbows toward the body, palms down in front of the shoulders.

* Inhale and raise your head, neck and back as you correct your arms. You can flex your head back or look straight ahead.

* Stay in that position for 10 seconds, then lower yourself to the ground as you breathe out.

Step 4: Supine thunderbolt

* This is a fantastic pose that stretches your whole body and increases circulation.

* Kneel on the floor and lesser your butt until it’s resting in between your heels.

* Exhale and lesser your back until your elbows touch the ground.

* Remain in the pose for a couple of seconds, then lesser your back all the manner in which until it’s flat, or as flat as possible, on the ground.

* Fold your arms above your head and continue to be because position for up to 30 seconds and keep breathing deeply.

Step 5: Supported plough

* This position workouts the abdominal muscles, helps food digestion and eases irregularity.

* Lie on your back with your legs extended and your arms at your sides.

* Lift your upper hands. The backs of your arms need to remain on the ground with your elbows bent and hands against your ribs for support.

* Continue to decrease your legs behind your head till your toes rest on the floor.

* Hold this pose for six seconds. Don’t hold your breath.

Step 6: Abdominal uplift

* This yoga position promotes healthy digestion and offers your stomach muscles a little an exercise.

* On an empty belly, place your feet apart with knees bent.

* Resting your hands on your thighs, flex forward and breathe out through your nose.

* Press your hands down firmly, and without breathing in, use your abdominal muscles to generate your abdomen towards your back.

* Hold for five seconds.