Yoga for Children With Autism

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Yoga is acquiring popularity as a technique of holistic healing. People who do yoga report relief from persistent discomfort, high levels of energy and enhanced total balance in the body. Reports are being released that claim children with autism can profit from yoga treatment since yoga addresses both the physical and psychological symptoms of the condition.

What’s Autism?

According to Autism Speaks, autism consists of a group of complex developing brain ailments. There are many different levels of intensity of the disorder and combinations of signs. The symptoms include, however aren’t restricted to, a problems in social interaction, delay or total lack of spoken language, and recurring movements and behaviors. Kids with autism also couldn’t participate in make-believe play or have any interest in exploring their environment. The sources of autism continue to be unknown, nevertheless, it’s estimated that one in every 110 kids are diagnosed with autism with that rate increasing 10 to 17 percent every year, Autism Speaks reports.

Integrated Movement Therapy

A ‘Yoga Journal’ report states that Integrated Motion Treatment, or IMT, was discovered by Molly Kenny, a speech-language pathologist and an Ashtanga Yoga trainer. She discovered that by integrating touch or motion with verbal exercises, her clients were more spontaneous in their speech and their mood enhanced. IMT incorporates speech-language exercises, self-confidence structure, self-calming practices, and yoga postures. These qualities are often an usual thread between the various types of autism conditions. ‘I’ve observed that most autistic kids have actually considerably hindered social abilities, problem remaining calm and restricted body awareness,’ Kenny told the magazine. She continues by stating dealing with a kid’s standard behavioral, psychological, and spoken habits through yoga movements motivates his physical, emotional and social growth.

Other Benefits

Registered dietitian Denise Reynolds of states that yoga can help kids with autism create a bond with their educator. This helps to develop shared count on and friendship, something most autistic kids battle with. Likewise, a combination of positions and deep-breathing methods can promote relaxation and social approval. Since children with autism generally better relate to items than people, the poses like Mountain, Down Pet or Tree engage the children.


Create visual excitement for kids with autism. recommends lining up stuffed animals or photos of animals in front of the room and have the pupils do the position for each one. Provide songs, drumming, chanting or singing to help keep them concentrated and engage the emotional center of the brain. Likewise, take things really slowly. Introduce poses one at a time and deal with your pupils’ convenience levels.