Yoga for Back & Neck Pain

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Modern life commonly takes a toll on the muscles in the neck and back. Whereas our early ancestors spent most of their time searching, event and walking, we invest most of our hours behind desks, in front of television screens or in automobiles or aircrafts where we’re seated traveling. This shortening of back muscles can produce tightening, enabling less blood to circulate. In time, this can manifest as tension and pain in the neck and back. Some yoga positions can be handy in conquering these issues.

Yoga Benefits

The old practice of yoga began in India virtually 4,000 years ago. Yoga has actually become preferred in the Western world, with an approximated 15 million individuals in the U.S. practicing it. The mix of workouts, deep breathing and reflection discovered in yoga help a number of individuals with advertising wellness and avoiding disease. Lots of with back concerns have found yoga exercise to assist alleviate pain, increase versatility and strength, and promote relaxation. According to the Spinal column Health internet site, those who practice yoga exercise for as little as twice a week make substantial gains in strength, adaptability and endurance, a fundamental objective of many back or neck discomfort recovery programs.

Neck Pain

For a stiff neck, the following exercises are suggested by Starting in a sitting position with legs crossed, sit up tall and pull your shoulders back. As you breathe out, drop your chin towards the chest, with your elbows and shoulders back. Inhale, raising your head back to center. Repeat five times. On the last exhale, drop the chin and hold for three breaths. Inhale, and raise your head back to center. Exhale, dropping your right ear toward your right shoulder. Inhale, and bring your head back to the center. Do this 5 times, then hold the position for three breaths on the exhale. Repeat on the left side. Do half circles by dropping your chin to chest, then toward the right shoulder, then back to your chest. Then move your chin towards left shoulder and back toward chest. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Back Pain

Practicing a series of yoga exercise poses can help with overall strength and adaptability that influences back muscles. ‘Yoga exercise Diary’ recommends several poses for back pain. Bharadvajasana I, or Bharadvaja’s Twist is a gentle sitting twist that acts like a tonic for the spinal column and stomach organs. Marjaryasana, or cat pose, done on all fours by raising and lowering the back, offers a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs. Adho Mukha Svanasana, or downward facing dog position, is widely used and offers an overall body-rejuvenating stretch. Agnistambhasana, called fire log posture, is a sitting cross-legged position that benefits an intense stretch to the outer hips and piriformis muscle. This muscle can occasionally be the primary reason for sciatic pain. Though it mustn’t be done by beginners, Halasana, or plow posture, can decrease backache and assist you sleep.


Some yoga positions may need to be modified or avoided completely for individuals with certain medical conditions. Patients with advanced spinal stenosis need to not do positions that involve severe extension of the spine, such as back bends. Patients with advanced cervical spine illness should stay clear of shoulder stands and headstands. Check with your physician prior to taking up a yoga practice.