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Improved flexibility is an excellent physical advantage of practicing yoga. Versatility is the ability of a joint to move through its total array of movement, and it influences every element of physical performance. The greater your versatility, the higher your muscles’ capability to perform jobs– both athletic and everyday activity– and the less vulnerable you’re to injury. Yoga is a powerful extending device that, with practice, offers regular gains in versatility.

Down Dog/Up Dog

Warm your body with a Down Dog/Up Canine yoga exercise sequence. To begin with Down Canine, position yourself on hands and knees on a yoga mat, with hands underneath your shoulders and knees below your hips. Press your palms into the mat, curl your toes under, and delicately raise your hips to the sky as you align your arms. Push your chest toward your thighs, keeping your head between your upper arms. Press your heels to the mat as you correct your legs. To change into Up Pet dog, flex your elbows toward the earth and scoop your chest forward as you lower your hips to the mat and uncurl your toes. Straighten your arms and arch your back delicately as you turn up off your thighs and rest on the tops of your feet. Alternate in between the two yoga poses to stretch your shoulders, hamstrings, calf bones, chest and abs.


Pigeon posture is a reasonably intense yoga posture handy in opening the hips and stretching the quads and the groin muscles. Start in Down Canine. Raise your ideal leg to the sky, and swing the knee forward so the right foot satisfies the left wrist. Lower the right leg, keeping the shin parallel to the top of the mat. Correct the left leg behind you. Keep your hips even as you press them closer to the earth. Heighten the stretch by hinging forward from the hips, stretching your arms in front and lowering your head to the mat. Hold the posture for several minutes, then gently move into Down Pet dog again and repeat with the left leg.

Cow Face

An intense upper- and lower-body yoga posture, Cow Face opens your hip, knee and shoulder joints and stretches your quads, hips, shoulders, triceps, chest and armpits. Begin seated on your mat. Flex your right leg and slide it under your left leg, with your best heel near your left hip. Flex your left knee and stack it on top of your ideal knee, with your left heel near your right hip. Reach your ideal arm to the sky and flex it at the elbow, behind your head, so your lower arm reaches down the center of your upper back. Stretch your left arm behind you, flexing the elbow so your lower arm reaches up the center of your lower back. Hook the fingers of your right and left hands, or, conversely, comprehend a strap or a piece of clothing in between your hands. Keep your posture as upright as possible. Delicately relax your arms and legs and repeat on the other side.