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If you work in an office, sitting at the very same desk and on the very same workplace chair could strain your whole body. To assist unwind your body and clear your mind throughout a challenging day, do some yoga. Rather of getting out the yoga mat and getting on the floor, you can do yoga positions right at your desk without disturbing your coworkers or your boss.

Chair Twist Exercise

Stretch out your arms, legs and back by doing a chair twist, suggests Miriam Austin in a short article in ‘Ladies’ Home Journal.’ Sit sideways on your chair so that your left side is up versus the back of the chair. Place your feet flat on the floor and location your knees together, bent at about a 90-degree angle. Position your hands on the 2 top corners of the back of the chair for balance. Inhale slowly and align your spine, then exhale as you twist your lower spine to the back of the chair, utilizing your arms to stretch your spine thoroughly. Repeat the inhaling and straightening, then breathing out and twisting exercise numerous times, then switch over to the best side and duplicate the exercise by turning your spinal column in the opposite direction.

Mountain Pose Stretch

Stretch out your arms and lengthen your sides at your desk by doing the Mountain Pose, suggests yoga instructor Kristin McGee on ‘The Very early Show.’ Sit with your back straight in your chair and grip your hands together. Press your arms forward as you turn the palms of your hands far from your body. Raise your arms into the air so that your palms are dealing with the ceiling as you stretch. Feel the stretch in your neck, shoulders and head as you relax your spinal column. While your arms are extended, flex them to the best side of the ceiling and then to the left.

Lower Back Stretch

Sit on your office chair with your legs hip-width apart and your feet flat on the floor, advises Austin. Flex over from the hips and unwind your whole body while rounding your back and dropping your head in between your knees. If this position is uncomfortable, place a rolled-up towel or sweatshirt over the hips, then try once again. As you exhale, permit your body to unwind even more. Hold this stretch as long as you like to assist clear your mind and unwind your body, recommends Austin.