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Pranayama: Pranayama is a kind of breath work connected with yoga that assists you obtain control of your breath and manage the energy in the body. When your exhalation is longer than you breathing, explains ‘Yoga Journal,’ it triggers the parasympathetic nerves, which assists reduce the heart rate and blood pressure. Engaging in a yoga exercise class that incorporates pranayama or taking a separate pranayama course can help you find out to use the body’s natural relaxation feedback, which helps control tension, reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and relax your muscles. Research performed by the Division of Internal Medication at Italy’s College of Pavia in 2001 found that sluggish yoga breathing preserves much better blood oxygenation and counteracts the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, which increases heart rate and blood stress.

Cardiac Medical Yoga is a treatment strategy developed by M. Mala Cunningham, PhD, certified acupuncturist, yoga exercise instructor and assistant teacher at the University of Virginia Medical School. Especially targeted toward the demands of cardiovascular patients, Cardiac Yoga combines gentle yoga exercise positions and breathing exercises with techniques for stress reduction, leisure and mind-body awareness. Clients may use pillows, chairs and other props to help them correctly access postures in a safe and comfortable manner. Yoga exercise poses made use of in Cardiac Yoga include gentle twists, seated postures and corrective poses to promote a deep state of leisure. The program’s course of study is tailored toward helping heart patients enhance their lung capacity, lower stress, develop muscle, address emotional demands and establish a heart-healthy way of life.