This variation of the pigeon pose stretches the quads deeply.

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Discover and keep your real height by practicing yoga postures. ‘Yoga Journal’ magazine emphasizes that yoga can assist straighten the spine, consequently improving your posture and enabling you to uphold it with more convenience. As you practice, unwind your face, neck and shoulders, and breathe deeply with your nose. For deep extending postures, ensure that you’ve warmed up initially.

Mountain Pose

Mountain posture, or tadasana, gives you the foundational tools for balancing and improving posture. Stand upright with your feet in a routine position. Rock from the balls of your feet to your heels, simply becoming aware of your feet, then plant them onto the floor. Maintain straight legs without locking your knees. As you extend your spinal column, expanding the crown of your head upward, feel your stomach and back muscles carefully agreement. Keep your shoulders rolled down and arms long at hands. If comfy, close your eyes as you hold the position for approximately one minute.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose, or eka pada rajakapotasana, is a deep, hip-opening pose, which can assist release tightness that may be affecting your capability to stand and walk at your maximum height. From an all-fours position, place your lower right leg on the floor, near your hands. Lengthen your left leg straight back as you position your right foot so it faces about out to your left side. Stay propped up on your hands with your posture upright for a couple of breaths, and afterwards fold your torso to the floor, over your right leg. Hold the position for up to one minute on each side. Neither hip ought to lean onto the floor. advises putting a folded blanket under the hip of the bent leg to accommodate tightness or a tender knee.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Hunched shoulders and tight hips can take inches off your height. Use the wide-legged forward bend, or prasarita padottanasana, to open your hips and chest at the same time. From a standing position, step into a large straddle and make your feet parallel. Lower your upper body till your hands touch the floor. For a chest-opener, clasp your hands together, making your arms straight. Then, as you lower your torso toward the floor, draw your shoulder blades back and reach your arms toward the ceiling. Hold for 10 to 15 breaths.

Cobra Pose

Use the cobra position, or bhujangasana, to build muscles in your lower back, which will support your height. Lie on the floor, belly-down, then bring your feet together and your palms to the floor, beside your ribs. Draw your shoulder cutters together and keep your elbows pulled in towards your waist. Using your lower back muscles, and not your hands, raise your chest off the floor a few inches. Drift up and down 10 or even more times, rising up a bit greater each time, if preferred. Keep your neck and face relaxed.