Rounded shoulders are an usual trouble that ruins your posture and can limit your range of activity. Performing yoga poses that open the chest and draw the shoulders in the opposite direction may reduce rounded shoulders as your back ends up being more powerful and your chest muscles extend.

Open Chest Stretch

This yoga exercise broadens and extends tight chest muscles that may be causing your shoulders to progress. Stress in the muscles in the middle back could release during this stretch, too. Sit near the edge of a chair to do this exercise. Reach your hands behind you and interlace your fingers, turning your palms toward your back. Put your feet on the floor and flex forward from the waist up until you can rest your hands on top of the backrest. Additionally, you can hold the sides of the chair. Drop your shoulders down and retract your shoulders. Raise your chest and hold for the wanted quantity of time. Breathe deeply with your nose.

Sea Monster Pose

Makarasana is a yoga posture that’s usually equated as crocodile, sea monster or dolphin present. Makarasana can be done as a variation of locust pose, or salambhasana, to reinforce the upper back and shoulders. Lie on your tummy with your arms straight at your sides and your legs directly. Cross your arms on the floor and grab your opposite shoulders. Rest your forehead on your arms. Conversely, you can interlace your fingers behind your head. Then, raise your legs into the air and turn your toes out as you rotate your heels inward. Position your heels about 12 inches apart. Raise your upper body too and bring your arms to your sides as you draw your shoulder blades together. Hold for the wanted amount of a time, then lower your body back to the starting position.

Modified Cobra Pose

This position stretches the chest and reinforces the shoulders. The muscles of your arms get more powerful, and this position can increase flexibility and strength in your lower back. A customized cobra posture stretches rounded shoulders much more than a conventional cobra position due to the fact that you open your chest more. To carry out a modified variation, push your tummy with your hands beside your underarms. Press your upper body up as you arch your back, retract your shoulders and unwind your lower body. Flex your elbows and lower back to the floor. Repeat for the desired number of representatives, and gradually increase how high you raise into the air.