Heart Yoga

Yoga, yoga good for your heart, the even more you practice the even more you … get clever about your wellness, naturally!

The very first ever yoga research study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology discovered yoga to be a safe, effective and fairly cheap treatment for improving the lives of heart clients.

The research conducted by The University of Kansas Health center discovered that,

‘… rigorous practice of yoga can help reduce episodes of irregular heartbeat and improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression commonly associated with atrial fibrillation. On average, yoga was found to cut patients’ episodes of atrial fibrillation in half and significantly improve quality of life.’

Well, hell, everybody can heart pump to that. You know, like fist pump ?? Nevermind.

So far, yoga has actually been discovered to be practical for people with cardiovascular disease, however until now there has not been a tested complementary treatment to lower signs of arterial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) says lead investigator of the study Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, M.D. at The University of Kansas Medical facility.

‘The practice of yoga is known to enhance numerous risk aspects for cardiovascular disease consisting of hypertension, high cholesterol, solidifying of the arteries, and anxiety and swelling in the body,’ Lakkireddy stated. ‘There are currently no tested complementary treatments that are known to assist minimize the symptoms of atrial fibrillation in a noninvasive fashion with very little side effects and affordable safety and effectiveness.’

The research study involved 49 patients with atrial fibrillation who’d no physical constraints. The first 3 months being the control phase, the participants could do their routine workout routine, you know probably the normal all of us do daily: rock climbing up, base jumping, spelunking etc. The next three months each participant took part in a yoga course three times a week including breathing workouts, yoga postures, reflection and relaxation. They were all yoga newbies who were likewise provided an instructional DVD and urged to practice in your home every day.

The result?

Data showed the yoga intervention significantly lowered the number of episodes of irregular heart beat among atrial fibrillation patients during the research phase compared to the control phase where subjects were taking part in the physical activity of their option. Yoga also minimized depression and anxiety scores and improved quality of life scores in the areas of physical performance, basic health, vitality, social performance, and mental wellness.

Reducing depression and stress and anxiety while enhancing quality of life? Those are the awesomest side effects we’ve actually ever become aware of.

‘These findings are important because many of the present traditional treatment approaches for atrial fibrillation consist of intrusive treatments or medications with unwanted negative effects. Success with these therapies varies extensively, and they’re commonly only modestly reliable in managing heart rhythm,’ Lakkireddy said.

‘It appears yoga has a substantial impact on helping to regulate clients’ heart beat and improves their total quality of life. Any intervention that assists in reducing or managing the arrhythmia burden in atrial fibrillation can have a huge influence on public health.’

Heartwarming news.

In secondary school we’d this friend who used to sweetly (and obnoxiously) motivate us to maintain the pace when running in gym class since, ‘your heart says thank you!’ Ugh. Thank goodness we found yoga, since our heart says thank you and the rest of our body states terrific jumping Jehoshaphat, for crying out loud, sincerest gratitude! Truly, you are the very best, thanks. (No offense to runners, naturally. Running is awesome!)