Yoga Crafts for Kids

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Yoga instructs children relaxation while enhancing coordination and self-confidence. Yoga exercise crafts integrate aspects of the practice into an imaginative task. The craft jobs boost a kid’s pleasure of yoga practice, whether she does it frequently or just sometimes. The yoga exercise craft tasks are best for kids ages 5 and older who’re able to deal with the craft products.


A homemade book associated with yoga allows the child to reveal his sensations and comprehending about the practice. The concept of guide is up to the kid. One idea is to make a how-to book with different yoga poses on each page. Take photos of the child performing the postures to make use of as the illustrations. An additional idea is to have the kid compose and draw photos about how yoga makes him feel.

Personalized Mat

A customized yoga mat provides the child a tailored space that makes yoga exercise more meaningful. Keep the decorations near the edge of the mat so they don’t disrupt the child’s usable area. Acrylic paint is a choice that’ll stay with most yoga mat areas. Glitter glue is another choice for adding sparkly designs to the mat’s edge. Hot glue items like sequins or rhinestones around the mat. A decorated length of ribbon provides the kid a customized tie to keep her mat rolled up when not in use.


Another item to embellish is a yoga exercise bag. Bags that fit a yoga mat are one option for decoration. An additional concept is to embellish a canvas bag that the kid can utilize to store and hold all her yoga exercise supplies, like clothing, her mat and water or treats. Use textile paint, glitter, sequins and comparable craft materials to embellish the outside of the bag. Shapes cut from fabric likewise work and can be stitched or glued onto the bag using textile glue.


A shape of the kid doing a yoga exercise posture is an additional choice as a craft project. Hang a piece of paper big enough to trace the kid’s entire body. Place a source of light in front of her so her shadow reflects onto the wall. Trace her body as she stands in a yoga posture. An additional choice is to place the paper on the floor and trace around her body. Let the child decorate the summary of her body to include clothes, facial features and other information.