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Yogic breathing is very different from the shallow breathing many people do regularly. Through routine yoga practice, you can train your body to breathe in a different way, which can have health benefits, consisting of weight-loss. This type of breathing has mental results on an individual, such as relaxing them down, which can affect weight-loss. It likewise has physical impacts on different systems of the body, which can influence weight loss.


In ‘The Complete Yoga Book,’ James Hewitt explains that in yogic breathing, you breathe in, then hold that air in your lungs rather of quickly letting it go. Then, you slowly breathe out and stop briefly again with empty lungs. Then gradually take in once again, and the process continues. Hewitt suggests exercising this breathing strategy at least once a day for 15 to 20 minutes each time.


‘Due to the fact that of stress’s function in eating way too much and in the formation of fat, yoga’s verified ability to combat tension (and lower cortisol levels) is another aspect of its efficiency as an aid to weight-loss,’ states Timothy McCall in ‘Yoga as Medicine.’ As well as helping with the negative effects of anxiety, James Hewitt says that yoga breathing can have physical results such as assisting the body in digesting and metabolizing food. He states yoga postures can play a role in a person slimming down, however likewise that breathing much deeper and in a manner that much better uses oxygen is part of the reason for dropping weight and keeping weight reduction.

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McCall states that various researches in the United States, in addition to India, have actually found that weight-loss accompanies well-rounded yoga sessions that include positions, reflection, changes in eating, and yoga breathing. More study is needed on this subject.


McCall thinks about that the process of breathing and reflection in yoga can help an individual drop weight simply by helping them focus on themselves. Breathing and the reflection that goes along with yogic breathing can assist the individual much better see and comprehend feelings connected to food, how they might be overindulging due to emotions, and ways to recognize when they’re full. Swami Vishnu-devananda, in ‘The Full Illustrated Book of Yoga,’ states that part of the breathing and reflection side of yoga is to discover to better control the physical side of an individual, the body.


Although yogic breathing can have positive impacts on your weight, don’t rely on breathing alone to help you get to a healthy weight. Usually, yoga works to help an individual slim down by using a combination of methods, consisting of poses that exercise and tone a person’s body. Seek advice from a physician prior to attempting any new kind of weight loss or workout approach, including yoga.