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I was recently thinking back to the game of reality or attempt – a game all of us played as children. When you were little were you the kid who always picked truth? I, on the various other hand, consistently chose attempt. Enjoyment apart, reality oftened make me uneasy and scared. In my mind truth and frustration were one and the exact same. When I was in 11th grade I was afraid to tell my crush I was in love with him fearing rejection. For some of you the fear may lay in confessing that you wanted the lead role in a high school play, or that your sensations were hurt when you just got Second chair in the Symphony orchestra. The most crucial lesson I’ve eliminated from this game for many years is the best ways to be prone and choose reality about the things that truly issue. Taking the dare was constantly the easy way out for me.

I’d rather take my chances and consume a vermin than let everybody understand my truth and expose my heart.

When using this silly game to our grownup life which would you pick, truth or attempt? And more importantly why one over the various other?

According to the Bhagavad Gita, “Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self.” Simply puts, yoga assists expose the self to the self so that we wake up to our own reality. As John Donohue composes, “Awaken to the mystery of being right here and get in the peaceful immensity of your own presence.” In essence exactly what yoga is asking of us is to ATTEMPT TO INFORM THE TRUTH. First to ourselves then to have the courage to accept the attempt to be our most genuine selves out worldwide.

Tapping into your own imaginative potential, fulfilling the function for understanding who you are, and why you’re here is what yogis call ‘Sva-Dharma.’ This is meant suggest ‘self-duty.’ I could not think about a more daring thing to do. ‘Seeking to your own responsibility, don’t tremble prior to it, nothing is better for a warrior, than a battle of sacred responsibility.’ -Bhagavad Gita 2:31.

Yoga is both Truth and Dare. When we follow our real paths we’re at peace with ourselves. The terrified teen inside gradually silences and disappear. By daring to fulfill our responsibility we permit others to be themselves, which brings about a more unified world as a whole. This translates to a challenging and exciting practice on the mat as we try brand-new positions, hold poses, or sustain a flowing series bold ourselves to find out more about who we are. Our yoga practice ultimately ends up being mirrored in the means we live our lives.

‘Do not ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself exactly what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that. Due to the fact that what the world requires is people who’ve come alive.”

This year accept the attempt and stay connected to your intentions for meeting the destiny for which you have been called to in this life. Follow your svadharma and exceed your worries and self-limiting beliefs. Do not conceal behind work, which is the adult equivalent of consuming a vermin since you do not wish to deal with the fact. Get on with living life on your terms! Find your enthusiasm, whatever it could be, become it, breathe it, live it, and hold it real till your greatest dreams manifest. ‘Let no uncertainty into your dreams and intentions. The dreamers are the rescuers of the world.” (Wayne Dyer). Be the tranquil warrior you are. Act as if your life depended on it, for it does.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia