Death, as we know it, can feel like a headache and a sadhu’s redemption. This state is so generous in the literal sense, so uncontrolled therefore very inevitable. Yet each one people does anything and everything possible to ignore this glaring reality. We live, we collect, we have, we have, we enjoy as if we’ll never leave all this behind. The paradox of all of it’s that exactly what we crave for is short-term and what we deliberately and distinctly ignore is inevitable.


When the unavoidable occurs to our liked ones, to our neighbors, buddies, relatives, associates, we convenience by saying – what needs to occur need to occur. So extremely true but do we really take it seriously? Do we offer ourselves solace with the very same words when we deal with the fact in our own lives? Honestly, we do not, we break down, we blame God, scenarios, fate and exactly what’ve you for the tragedy which has struck our lives. Why?

The response is simple – because we aren’t prepared to face the fact. As a repercussion we go further and further into a miserable state, penalize our bodies, our minds as well as our souls. A few of us overcome this silent, unpleasant despair and get on with life: but a few of us do not. Those who deal with death in a favorable manner are the ones who deal with the truth head on, while the others seek refuge in concealing and escaping. But you can not run far, can you?

Yoga Brings Comfort. How?

Anyone who practices yoga will certainly tell you it equips him with an inner strength, makes him more focused, gives him an innate sense of happiness at all times, makes him reflective. Yoga helps you and guides you to that position where you can determine the reality from the variables in life. You gain the strength to be calm in virtually all situations, stay in the present and don’t permit your overwhelming feelings to crowd your mind.

Yoga asanas are the first steps to show you the means, because you learn to concentrate on your posture and breathing while you’re at it. Your mind doesn’t allow anything else to distract you and you acquire control over your breathing, thought and feelings and subsequently life as we see it. This power of control will certainly assist you tide over any circumstance – negative or favorable.

You establish introspective powers when you keep practicing yoga. This opens up a bigger horizon and you comprehend there’s even more to life than the one we’ve here on the earth. Yoga awakens your real self deep within you and you simply know that your liked one is apparently dead but has really continued on another trip. He’s gotten rid of his outer carcass and is preparing to don a new one, a brand-new earthly identity or gone in the direction of a greater world.

Daily practice of yoga at an offered time helps you to relax, understand your enjoyed one isn’t physically around however is very much there caring for you. You don’t want to hurt him by howling and regretting his fatality – in this manner you just make it worse for the one who needs to go beyond. However, when you comprehend the soul’s trip is a truth, you remember your liked one with love and respect. You recognize his soul’s choice and know that you’ll certainly meet him quickly someplace in another world.

This is the time to exercise pranayama, there are numerous however you can always start with the most usual one called ujjaini pranayama. You breathe in, you hold and afterwards gradually breathe out – all the time your mind is concentrated on your breathing and your sitting posture. When done you’ll certainly discover a new you – somebody who doesn’t need to blame any external being or thing for any event, rather be liable and go through the scenario in an even frame of mind.