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Yoga is really helpful for those who’re experiencing disability of any kind because yoga has a terrific effect on the physical, psychological and psychological facets of life.

Yoga as therapy

Yoga therapy is acquiring energy as an efficient healing device for lots of physical, mental and mental illness. Routine practice of
yogasanas, pranayamas and reflection can be practical in producing balance in the nervous and endocrine [the system of glandulars that excrete bodily hormones straight into the blood stream such as pituitary or thyroid glandulars] systems, and ultimately it’s wonderful influence on practically all the organs of the body. In fact, it’s a curative in addition to preventive treatment. On the one hand, it cures some deadly illness and on the various other, it creates a lot energy in man that he gets a safety guard, which keeps conditions in abeyance.

Cure for physical illnesses

Yoga is practical in all-round advancement of guy’s character. It cures physical, mental and emotional ailments. It doesn’t suggest that we must completely dispose of allopathic, ayurvedic, unani, holistic and other systems of treatment. They’ve their own importance. Suppose a component of the body has actually stopped functioning entirely or established some major defect, we should consult the expert right away for treatment. If the treatment of that component of the body isn’t practical, we need to take the shelter of yoga.

Generally, with workouts, yogasanas, and pranayamas, the blocked blood circulation begins working, which gives strength to the muscles of the body. As a result, the patient gains manage over his nerves.

The disabled need to be taught yogasanas according to the disorders in their bodies. Regular practice of yogasanas will recover them. However they ought to look after 3 things– the appropriate technique of yogasanas, the observance of time for each asana and concentration of the mind. Above all, they must practice yoga with firm belief in God and His ways.

Polio and yoga therapy

Polio is considered to be a really intricate disease however it can be cured by regular practice of yoga. The outcomes of the treatment of this malady hinge on the belief and regularity of the client. In such cases, the support of the trained, able and knowledgeable yoga exercise teachers is really important.
Besides it, the patient should be routine in practising yogasanas and taking workouts. Irregular and sporadic practice of yoga wouldn’t yield preferred results, and the patient might take a long time for his cure or he may not be healed.

After the polio attack, many survivors experience the beginning of weaknesses and fatigue. If they take a moderate exercise, they can improve muscle strength.

Hatha Yoga exercise is extremely valuable for such people, but its knowing needs the support of the skilled yoga exercise teachers. In addition, it must be practiced regularly.

Mentally and emotionally handicapped children/persons and yoga

Today the entire world is facing a great issue of the ever-increasing lot of psychologically and mentally disabled children/persons. Many of these are oblivious of even themselves, and they can not care for themselves. Their miserable condition has perturbed their parents/guardians, who can not leave them alone.

It can not be denied that medical science has actually made excellent advances in the therapy of these children, yet the scenario is deplorable. There’s a ray of hope in yoga exercise. Yoga exercise science isn’t just helpful for the body however likewise for mental wellness. Pranayamas like Anulom-Vilom, Bhramri, Udgeeth and Yog Nidra calm the nerves and the mind. They improve psychological wellness and capacities of such persons. Earnest efforts should be made to allow them to lead serene and purposeful life.

Yoga assists the disabled gain self-confidence in life. I bear in mind an occurrence that took place a couple of years back. While I was instructing BA 1st year course, a pupil got in the classroom, moseying on his crutches. He took his seat on the front bench. I took it casually. However I observed the feelings of deep pain and anguish on his face. He looked bleak. It took me no time to realize his frame of mind. I talked with him and patted on his back. I recommended him to embrace yoga exercise as his way of life. He felt persuaded and began practising yoga. There came a terrific change in him. A couple of days later on I found him full of passion and enthusiasm. There was constantly a smile on his face. He acquired self-esteem. He’d now a goal before him. He developed his dormant capabilities. I discovered him participating in arguments. He studied for 3 years in the university and got his graduate degree. His father had an excellent company. So, instead of going in for a job, he joined his father’s company. Today, he’s an effective business person.

Thus, it’s evident that yoga gets rid of gloominess, desperation, helplessness and hopelessness, and it creates self-esteem. For that reason, the handicapped need to make yoga an integral part of their life.

Music therapy

Yoga accompanied by music works wonders. Songs is the device which provides concentration to the mind, and also develops the sense of hearing. Music is created by singing devotional songs, clapping and the motion of the feet in euphoria. Musical instruments are made use of to offer rhythm, which is very necessary to make the tunes sweet-sounding.

Studies carried out on individuals struggling with mental ailments have actually exposed that music relieves them, and has a soothing result on their nerves. Additionally, the team songs treatment has a great impact on those experiencing serious psychological ailments.

Devotional tracks and mental illness

Devotional songs are connected to the feelings and feelings of heart. They’re the medium of the outlet of individual sensations also. It hardly matters whether the vocalist has a melodious voice. These songs relieve the mind and relieve it from unneeded tension. So, mental health recuperation of able-bodied in addition to disabled individuals is possible through the songs of devotional tunes.

Mentally retarded children and people who’ve actually lost their psychological equilibrium for one reason or another, are humans, and they can live a dignified life. We ought to offer them succor and make our efforts to make them self-reliant.

Yogarishi Swami Ramdev has actually committed his life to popularize Patanjali’s Yoga. His major focus is on making the people of India in addition to the entire world adopt yoga as their lifestyle to keep themselves physically and psychologically fit. His technique to treating conditions and ailments is practical. The individuals working for the wellness of the disabled needs to research the works by Swamiji, and look for assistance from Patanjali Yogapeeth, Haridwar, for training yoga exercise to the handicapped.


Yoga is a full science. It makes the body healthy and offers mental peace which results in spirituality. It’s extremely useful for the handicapped as they can get relief from physical disorders. The professors of the mentally retarded children can establish by practicing yoga. Therefore, the disabled ought to exercise yoga exercise regularly.