YMCA Certification for Beginner Yoga

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If you want becoming a yoga exercise trainer, the first step is to secure a novice level teaching credential. YMCA credentials in training yoga exercise require researches in fitness and workout in addition to training in yoga exercise guideline. This certification is particularly made for physical fitness professionals who plan to instruct yoga in gym or personal studios.


While the YMCA certificate in teaching yoga exercise does not need any requirements, participants ought to have a strong understanding of the principles and practices of newbie level yoga exercise. People who look for accreditation have generally taken part in yoga exercise classes and have a background in fitness guideline, body work or dance. If you’ve actually not had comprehensive experience with yoga exercise, you may want to dedicate numerous months to establishing your own practice prior to enrolling in a teaching course.

Course Structure

The YMCA certificate is made to cover 50 hours of sophisticated physical fitness and workout knowledge. This is followed by 90 hours of study involving the major concepts and philosophy of yoga exercise. Participants then invest 50 hours establishing and preparing a progressive yoga exercise session and a last 50 hours training, evaluating and customizing their yoga session.

Exams and Evaluations

Student development and qualification for accreditation is based upon internal examinations of expert practice journals, worksheets, lesson strategies, teacher observation and a reflective logbook. Candidates for a credential need to also finish a paper on the theory of yoga, which is then assessed by exterior evaluators. Upon successful conclusion of the course work and assessments, prospects are awarded a certificate that’s legitimate for seven years.

Expert Insight

Instructors who earn a YMCA yoga guideline certificate total 240 hours of basic yoga research. Instructors who wish to pursue work in a fitness center or studio can benefit from dealing with a training mentor. This can be accomplished by selecting a highly skilled local instructor and attending his courses and workshops. In addition, while the YMCA doesn’t offer specialized certificates in advanced yoga exercise, a number of yoga companies, such as the Yoga Alliance, offer continuing education courses for teachers who wish to advance their training practices.