Commit to the YJ Gratitude Difficulty and also take a minute each morning this month to appreciate. Make your checklist, post it, share it, and also identify us @yogajournal and #yjgratitudechallenge. We’ll reveal our thanks for you by sharing our preferred reader posts on Thanksgiving Day. Enter the spirit as master teachers share their own listings and grounding ideas all month long. Right here, Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank discusses the day-to-day practice that keeps her centered.

My Gratitude Practice

At the end of my morning meditation, I like to take a couple minutes to reflect on 3 points that I’m thankful for in the upcoming day.

How I Start Grounded For Gratitude

Anytime I should recenter myself, I want to just tune right into my breathing. It’s such a terrific reminder of this life inside of us that we have the opportunity of taking part in each day.

yoga pose

My Gratitude List

1. Love, and of program my man that sustains me in so numerous ways
2. Life, the advantage to be here
3. Wellness, my vitality and my psychological acuity to find out and offer others
4. Yoga
5. My friends and my dog

The Yoga exercise Position I’m A lot of Grateful For

Sukhasana for meditate, it’s my sanity. My reflection method is the component of my practice that is one of the most vital to my health and vigor on a daily basis.