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Commit to the YJ Thankfulness Challenge and also take a minute each early morning this month to appreciate. Make your checklist, blog post it, common it, as well as mark us @yogajournal and also #yjgratitudechallenge. We’ll reveal our recognition for you by commoning our favorite visitor posts on Thanksgiving Day. Below, Janet Rock offers her individual techniques for combating the pull of ‘not-enoughness.’

My Gratitude Practice

It’s so very easy for us to get pulled into the pit of ‘not-enoughness, the listing of all that is lacking and also all we need. It takes collective effort to transform our focus to the listing of enough. My gratitude method is a technique of ‘enoughness,’ of acknowledging all that is currently sufficient in my life– likes, friendships, finances, mothering, situations, and my body.

Gratitude to me is an active state of being. At times we are not able to trigger this state since the checklist of absence remains in our means. When we turn our focus to the lots of wonders of our breath coming in as well as leaving and also to all the locations in our being that ARE healthy and balanced and functioning well, we could (often) arrive at this place of gratitude.

How I Get Based for Gratitude

When appreciation feels elusive, my technique often integrates just what appears to be reflection. That implies I merely rest and take part in this method of leading myself through all of the many things that suffice– or even hugely bountiful– in my life.

The next thing I do is turn my interest toward being of support or solution to an additional. I find this draws me back right into link with gratitude. This encourage or service can be something as small as offering a generosity to someone on the street or volunteering for those in need.

My Gratitude List

1. Birth
2. Death
3. Inhale
4. Exhale
5. Oh, and also my cute and wild children, India and also Lilianna

The Yoga Pose I’m Many Grateful For

Whichever asana summons the most empathy is the one I’m grateful for. The form is not as vital as its causal sequence of love. So, I would certainly claim that I’m thankful for every one of them, which nurture this practice and remind me to be kind inward and also outward.

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