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Yoga is a holistic practice that includes the mind body connection. It works on your breathing routines, concentration skills and the ability to concentrate on the present. Yoga is essential for all people and particularly for the competitive sportsmen. Practicing yoga gives the sportsmen a very real and tangible edge.

Yogic methods cover the entire industry of our existence– from the physical, sensory, emotional, mental, and spiritual to the highest Self-realization. It includes all methods of greater advancement in mankind– physical postures, ethical postures, breath control, sensory approaches, affirmations and visualizations, prayer and rule, and complex meditative disciplines. Yoga comprehends the nature and interrelationships of the physical, subtle and formless worlds into the boundless infinite past time and space, and shows us how these also exist within each human individual.”

According to medical experts, yoga treatment is successful due to the fact that of the balance produced in the anxious and endocrine systems which straight affects all the various other systems and organs of the body. Yoga acts both as an alleviative and preventive treatment. The very essence of yoga hinges on attaining mental peace, improved concentration powers, an unwinded state of living and consistency in relationships.

The poses, aware breathing and visualization work as a treatment to reduce physical pain along with emotional anxiety. We discover practical techniques of self-comfort. And with active effort, we advance our practice into one of self-love and self-acceptance. a