Why Is Stretching Your Muscles Important After Warming Up, But Before Exercising?

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If you have been associated with sports or workout of any kind, you’ve actually most likely heard you should warm up, stretch and just then exercise. Don’t be lured to skip extending. While it’s appealing to obtain right down to work– specifically if you’ve an active schedule– failure to extend, or extending prior to warming up, can put you at threat for short-term and long-lasting health issues.

Importance of Warming Up Before Stretching

Warming up prior to undergoing your stretching regimen can keep you from getting hurt. Cold muscles don’t stretch well, but the issue doesn’t stop there. Requiring cold muscles to extend increases the probability that, when you do begin your workout appropriate, you’ll draw and even tear something. Drawn muscles, tendons or ligaments do not simply hurt, they can end your season and even cause long-term damages.

Short Term Advantages of Stretching

While stretching before exercise helps prevent drawing or tearing, it does various other things, too. It can really help enhance your athletic performance. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching boosts blood flow to your muscles, bringing them life-giving oxygen and nutrients. Extending also assists promote proper posture and kind during workout, ensuring your exercise is as efficient as possible.

Long-Term Advantages of Stretching

Stretching after heating up and before workout can also assist shield you against lasting wellness problems. Stretching helps preserve movement in your joints. If you don’t move with the full array of your joint’s activity throughout exercise, you’re most likely to put together long-term tendon problems such as tendinitis, an inflammation of your tendons or ligaments.


Though extending after a warm up and previously your workout correct is necessary, it is not the only proper method to stretch. The Mayo Clinic also points out the importance of extending after a workout, as this can assist avoid soreness or muscle aches. In reality, reports the clinic, stretching prior to intense task such as sprinting can really minimize your performance level, the center suggests stretching after such tasks.