Who Should Not Do Bikram Yoga?

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As soon as you enter the room, the heat strikes you in the face. Eager participants are currently sweating. Bikram yoga, a design finished with the heat cranked to 105 degrees, is for the seriously fit or the seriously motivated. Some shouldn’t risk its intensity. If you’ve no idea whether you are in shape enough for Bikram yoga, consult your physician.

Pregnant Women

Bikram’s website delicately steers pregnant women far from yoga in the hot space. Rather, it advises a gentler type of yoga that can be done in moderate heat. If you’re already a Bikram yoga professional, you could return to classes after your first trimester. Nevertheless, you’ll need to adapt to some posture adjustments. For example, don’t lie on your back or your belly, and keep your legs broad when folding forward.


Those with persistent conditions are at high risk when it comes to practicing yoga in the heat. Diabetic individuals have reported a spike in blood-sugar levels following a Bikram yoga session. Bikram Choudhury says his design of yoga can assist relieve or avoid some chronic conditions, but consult your physician before beginning any new kind of workout.

The Sleepy

Bikram yoga requires that all your body systems are working well. A bad evening’s rest implies your muscles are weak, your intestinal system is slow and you’re more susceptible to heat-related illness. Get your full eight hours to prevent nausea or passing out in class.

Young and Elderly

The very old and really young are specifically at risk to ailment prompted by the 105-degree heat. As the body aims to thermoregulate, a number of things can go wrong. The body’s sign prior to heat fatigue consist of rapid heart rate, headache, queasiness, dizziness and minimized sweating.