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Yoga is a system of workouts that practitioners utilize to stretch muscles, strengthen the body core and improve total wellness. Although yoga began as a way to prepare for spiritual knowledge, in the Western world individuals practice yoga for toning, relaxation or tension relief. Yoga workout– positions or asanas– differ relying on the style of yoga, many of which have actually advanced from the initial style, hatha yoga. Chair yoga is one such modification of standard presents, it lets you adjust yoga positions to physical restrictions. It also offers a way to obtain a fast yoga exercise at work or other locations where it’s impossible to unroll your mat and get down on the floor. Consult your physician prior to you begin a chair yoga practice.


Yoga postures are challenging for lots of people, especially elders, individuals with physical handicaps and obese people. In 1982, one kripalu yoga specialist and instructor, Lakshmi Voelker, decided to adjust yoga presents to fit the demands of people who couldn’t carry out the mat works out without problem. She combined some Western physical fitness exercises and yoga asanas to create regimens that you perform while seated in a chair. Her initial program now has actually variations produced by other yoga instructors and fitness coaches, with exercises that satisfy the demands of particular populations.


Yoga positions help you enhance your versatility or variety of activity, however achieving this objective might be challenging if you’ve limited movement or problem with completing asanas on the floor using a yoga mat. Lakshmi Voelker’s website offers an introduction to her trademarked chair yoga program that can help you get started. She teaches chair yoga classes in California and provides employer-sponsored office courses, but if that isn’t hassle-free, make use of the links on her Get Fit Where You Sit website to find licensed chair yoga instructors. Her CD, DVD and guide booklet supply comprehensive guideline for chair yoga works out that you do on your own.

Poses and Exercises

The objective of chair yoga is to enable you to profit from yoga breathing, stretching and core boosting workouts with very little risk of injury or muscle stress. It accommodates decreased flexibility and body strength by utilizing a chair as support for modified yoga presents. Voelker’s chair yoga program consists of positions that require one or two chairs, postures that you full with a partner and exercises that utilize weights while you exercise yoga asanas. She states you can do all however a few fundamental and intermediate yoga presents with a chair for support.

Learning Resources

The College of California Television website’s video supplies a 53-minute introduction that’ll help you choose whether chair yoga practice is helpful before you purchase a book or DVD. The Scholastic website for teachers likewise has directions for fast chair yoga exercises for the class or office.