How sometimes have you heard the story of the yogi rushing to class burnt out to obtain a taste of the calmness that comes with the yoga practice? I typically share with my students the concept that the subconscious mind doesn’t know the distinction between that which is viewed and that which is genuine. Among the remarkable things about practicing yoga is that you’re training the mind, quite literally recondition the mind and how it processes details and life experiences.

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When you find yourself hanging out in an asana just a little bit longer than you wish to be there, doing one more chaturanga than your arms can handle or you do a check in only to discover the mind questioning through fields of gold … this is the time to take that deep inhale and concentrate on the breath. When you take this minute to re-center the mind and anchor your practice on your breath, you are not simply being a ‘good yogi’ you are literally rewiring the brain. A type of mental calisthenics if you will, this continuous re-centering starts to recondition the mind to regularly respond in a naturally method to external stimuli.

What do I indicate? The brain in moments of exhaustion only sees ‘difficult situation’ on the body. Your response in this regulated environment other sensible know as a yoga class will identify your responses in life. If you hold your breath and become rigid during your practice attempting to force your means deeper into a present you’re training the mind/body to hold, grip and be uptight in stress filled situations. On the other hand if you can grow the conscious practice on your mat to, ‘return to the breath’, release stress and relax into the moment you’ll start to see the advantages of this practice showing up in your life.

This concept of mindful breathing translates directly off the mat. Considering that the human is a creature of practice exactly what you’re doing by constantly going back to the breath is teaching the mind/body ways to react to difficult scenarios. We’re purposely forming a feedback pattern while in our practice which says instead of panicking, discovering the breath ending up being short and superficial we see it ending up being longer, slower and more unwinded in the midst of this experience.

We show up for our practice daily to declare by doing this of being, to grow the mental muscle of calmness and harmony. The reward !? Due to the fact that we’re living in the city and not in the hills in a cavern, the next time you get cut off, your manager is chewing out you or your running late the response is to, ‘return to the breath’. This response could by you the time have to make higher more reasonable decisions. This is exactly what we cultivate in our yoga practice, the ability to be all that ‘I AM’. We acquire composure, and stand in the bright expression which is our natural nature. Divinity!