As an author, I’ve actually attempted to follow the recommendations of Mark Twain: When you capture adjectives in your writing, kill them … Well, not all, but a lot of, so that any you use will certainly be valuable.

But exactly what’s a writer to do when she’s been part of a most remarkable and remarkable week. I’ve to mention and memorialize, and I fear I should even embrace a hyperbolic design. Therefore, right here goes my account, no modifying words barred.

This recently I observed and participated in my niece Christa’s wedding event. She was wed in Cleveland, Ohio, in a country club, prior to 160 guests and with 7 bridesmaids and two flower ladies.

Somehow the wedding event couple managed to set their special date on the most expansive and felicitous day of the year, the summer season solstice. Sunny and warm, perfect weather after a week of unpredictable patterns, including rain and electrical storms.

Daniel and I took a trip the greatest distance of all to be with Christa on exactly what’s commonly considered among the happiest days of a person’s life. People came from all over the United States to be part of the lead-up-to and the actual event. The groom and bride welcomed many visitors who’d belonged to their lives given that they were kids. Extended family, mixed household and closest family were consisted of in the festivities.

It was a remarkable five days for me. I was extremely moved by the care Christa and Dan in taking care of and honoring wedding visitors.

Behind the scenes, moms and dads, Christa’s step-mother, and other family members were drawing strings, moving mountains and footing the bill to develop unforgettable events. There were delicious dinners and a post-wedding breakfast for out-of-towners like us. Friday night we attended the rehearsal dinner in a big marquee, festooned with flower plans, and dined on a sumptuous catered supper. It was followed by genuine speeches, a bonfire and the triggering of petite hot air lanterns that were sent skyward with the excellent wishes of each person.


I have attended births and funerals and many wedding events. They’re all possibly life-altering celebrations. If ever there was a reason for contravening Twain’s recommendations in favor of grandiloquence and extravagance of language, it would certainly be Christa and Dan’s wedding.