Readers share their preferred equilibrium poses.

  • spirituality

    ” I love Lord of the Dancing Posture: It’s equal components grounding and also expanding, and also has an attractive form– much like this mural in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood.”

    —Emily Wilson, Atlanta

  • yoga mat

    ” My initial Crow Posture was on a city street, proving that spontaneity can result in success.”

    — Lina Budesa Greensboro, North Carolina

  • yoga bikram

    ” I prefer to practice Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana in my travels. It’s the best mix of initiative and also simplicity, strength and grace.”

    —Kelley Hafer, San Francisco

  • yoga fitness

    ” I went on a retreat of types, owning throughout the country with my mother and also practicing yoga along the way. This Vasisthasana variant on a golf training course caught the pure joy that I was really feeling.”

    — Casi Sandeman Orlando, Florida

  • dvd yoga

    ” I exercise 7 hrs a week to lower injury risk as well as improve balance. Inversions are thrilling.”

    — Noel Blanco Fort Hood, Texas