Practice on it every day…

Practice On.., yoga mat

From left to right, below’s just what I’m exercising on recently:
  1. Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat – 6mm, 3lbs, 24″ x 72″
  2. Jade Yoga exercise Harmony Professional Yoga exercise Floor covering – 5mm, 4.5 lbs, 24″ x 68″
  3. Hugger Thug Tapas Original Yoga exercise Floor covering – 3mm, 2.5 pounds, 24″ x 68″
  4. Magic Carpet Sapphire Deco Yoga exercise Floor covering – 6mm, 3.5 lbs, 24″ x 70″
  5. Manduka Black Mat Pro Specification – 6mm, 7lbs, 26″ x 71″

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It’s a rough life attempting to provide each of these yoga exercise mats constantly as well as attention they deserve, yet they’re definitely inspiring my 1 Month yoga technique challenge for May (going strong so far:-RRB-. I have actually been a long time fan of practically all Manduka yoga exercise mats-definitely my peace of mind zone-but I’m additionally often gladly startled when I step onto various areas. These were all various and also one-of-a-kind in their very own ways.

Of this group, the Jade Harmony definitely has my focus as well as will certainly spend a whole lot of time in future floor covering rotations. I have actually never attempted a Jade mat, but I can completely view why so many yogis suggest it. The excellent traction, it’s hefty sufficient that it lays out wonderful and level on the ground without gliding or moving about. It simply really feels solid, yet as you can see from the photo, it also wraps very snugly as well as looks like it would be ideal for carrying to class. Given that I invest a lot of my time on the floor covering in your home, I’m less concerned concerning transportability so the wider Harmony XW or the thicker (and heavier) Jade Combination look truly great for a home practice as well. For now, I’m even more than happy with the wonderful trip of the regular Harmony mat.