What Type of Training Do You Need to Teach Yoga?

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Teaching yoga can offer leisure, versatility and balance training, all essential elements that are typically lacking in numerous physical fitness routines, according to the American Council on Exercise’s 2005 study on the effectiveness of yoga exercise. With more than 1,000 yoga teacher-training options in the United States, selecting a program can be amazing and frustrating. Consider developing a standards checklist to assist you pick the very best training program for your needs.


When choosing a training program, match your individual design to the kind of yoga you might delight in training. Yin yoga exercise is passive and contemplative, while Bikram yoga exercise is active and requires rigorous adherence to a set series of poses. Some designs incorporate chanting and breath work, while others focus on precise placement. Some accreditations, such as YogaFit, offer single weekend training, while others, such as Iyengar yoga exercise, require numerous years of research.

Special Populations

Yoga can be used to help manage signs of a condition, such as arthritis, Parkinson’s illness, or multiple sclerosis. If you choose to specialize in dealing with these populaces, you may should take extra training to give you a knowledge-base about the illness, along with ways to modify postures for it. Students may not have the ability to get down on a mat, or may experience varying ranges of motion and strength on various days.

Yoga Alliance

The Yoga exercise Partnership offers third-party accreditation standards for yoga exercise experts. It suggests a minimum of 200 hours of instructor training, with a minimum of 180 hours of the training taking place in face-to-face syllabus. If you decide to get a Yoga exercise Partnership accreditation, your students will know that they’re going to a top quality course from an extremely trained expert. As of 2011, even more than 1,000 yoga schools participate in the Yoga exercise Partnership program.

Employer Criteria

Before choosing a training program, get in touch with prospective employers about their employing criteria. Franchise yoga exercise studios frequently have instructor training workshops to offer connection in training style for their pupils. Independent yoga studios could just ask you to audition by instructing a course for their personnel. Fitness homes, hospitals and neighborhood centers may need yoga instructors to carry the same fitness certifications, such as ACE, AFAA, or NESTA, that their other fitness instructors carry.