What Size Yoga Mat Is Standard?

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Yoga mats can be found in a selection of materials, sizes and designs. When you are choosing a quite design and color for your mat, consider the size too. There really is no set size of mat you need to choose, everything depends on your choice, design of yoga and where you practice. In truth, a mat isn’t compulsory to exercise yoga, you can practice on carpet, on turf or on any flat surface wearing sticky socks and gloves. The most vital element is your comfort so you get the most from your yoga practice.


Although yoga mats can be found in all sizes and shapes, a conventional size does exist. A normal yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches broad. This size works for a lot of individuals and with many types of yoga. A conventional mat is a sensible choice for novices so you can discover exactly what qualities you want in a mat and exactly what kind of yoga you connect with. Longer mats are available in 72-, 74- as well as 84-inch lengths.

Length Considerations

There are many facets to think when choosing a mat size. If you’re tall, you’ll most likely desire or require a longer mat. This provides more than visual appeals, a long-enough mat will ensure that you’ll be able to perform every posture throughout your session without going off the mat. Even if you are not specifically tall, a longer mat can keep you on the mat while you exercise a collection of positions where you relocate. If you plan to take a trip with your mat or take it all over with you, you may want to think about a smaller sized mat merely for ease.


The thickness of the mat is another aspect of size you’ll want to consider. A normal yoga mat is 3 mm thick. However, you can discover extra thin mats that are 1.5 mm thick. These are usually travel yoga mats. If you choose, you can buy thick mats that provide additional padding for your body. These variety from 4 to 5 mm thick.

Thickness Considerations

Thicker mats may be chosen as a matter of choice and also for certain kinds of yoga. For example, 4-mm mats are advised for Ashtanga yoga. Thickness can also make a distinction relying on the kind of floor you practice on. Medium is recommended for carpet or wood floors. Thin mats are convenient for trip and thick mats offer additional padding, although they can also create less balance in particular positions.