I utilized to be a skinny, flexible, popular yoga instructor. I was in an image spread in Yoga Journal. I launched a successful Power Yoga program at a hectic studio in the Bay Area. I worked for a superstar yoga instructor and took a trip the western hemisphere helping spread out the gospel of yoga to the masses. I was a yoga missionary. It was my prime time as a yogi … or so I thought.

recovering yogi

I was obsessed with getting ‘better’ at yoga. I spent most of my practice time in classes obsessing over the number of even more times I’d be able to pertain to yoga that week, or determining how long it may take me to touch my go to my toes in paschimottonasana. I kept an eye on how often I practiced by marking it on a calendar on my wall, where I’d frequently celebrate in the expertise that I was being excellent and ideal.

When I was a teacher I used to love to bitch to my other yoga instructor good friends about that one student who never ever listened. We ‘d say, I’ve actually told him a million times to bring his feet together. It’s like his legs are not connected to his brain! Then unavoidably, one of us would state, You understand, you can say something a million times, however until the student is ready to hear it … Then we ‘d all nod our heads sagely.

I was in my early thirties, and I believed I understood everything about yoga.

Over the years I pertained to understand that true yoga isn’t about how incredible you’re at asana. It’s not about the number of days in a row you’ve actually gone to a yoga class. (40 Days to Personal Transformation, anyone?) It’s not about your mastery of the Master Cleanse or your gold medal in the yoga Olympics (or, shall we state, the Yoga Journal Skill Search? http://www.elephantjournal.com/2011/04/yoga-journal-talent-search–by-the-numbers/) And it makes certain as hell not about being ideal at-or even ‘efficient’- anything.

If those things are your bag, great for you. But thank Krishna that’s not my Type-A yoga anymore.

I fulfilled a smart vinyasa educator once who, when pushed, declared to practice yoga ‘each day’… however not constantly asana. In his mind, choosing a sweet browse session was just as much ‘yoga’ as hittin’ a couple of down canines. And to his credit, I am sure he was just as present and zen and at one with the universe while on his surfboard as when on his mat … if not more so.

I’m now a Recovering Yogi. http://recoveringyogi.com.

What does this mean precisely? Well, the most important thing it does NOT mean: it doesn’t indicate that I do refrain yoga.

I do yoga.

So do my co-founders, Vanessa Fiola http://www.vanessafiola.com and Leslie Munday http://flirtingwithgreygardens.wordpress.com. In reality, among our task ground rules is that we commit to a personal practice of a minimum of one course a week (ambitious, I know) and two hideaways or workshops a year. I got my workshops out of the way early on. I am really at my 3rd one, today, composing this. Due to the fact that the reality is, I love yoga.

Being a recovering yogi isn’t about being anti-yoga. Here’s what it is:

  • A sanctuary for the spiritually disenfranchised
  • A humor web site dedicated to breaking the bubble of pompous, over-serious, judgmental Western analyses of yoga and new age culture
  • A tongue-in-cheek reference to the addicting, culty aspects of the yoga world
  • A location for yogis and ex-yogis with senses of humor to tell stories
  • A online forum for creativity and self-expression
  • A dialog

Ironically, producing Recovering Yogi has actually brought me closer to yoga than I was previously. It’s actually assisted me to strip away the vapid lingo, the judgmental and competitive asana ‘tude, the Kind A mentality of overachieving in ways asana, dharma, and karma. It’s assisted me concern peace with my constraints and stop attempting to be constantly better, stronger, better, purer, gooder. It’s been humbling and equipping all at the same time.