What Is the Kundalini Experience?

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Many Eastern practices such as yoga and tantra include an energetic orgasm known as the kundalini awakening. The experience is linked to spiritual advancement and the advancement of awareness, and some compare the feeling to that of a tremor starting at your sacrum and running all the method up to your spine.


In Sanskrit, the term kundalini means coiled up. According to the Kundalini Research Institute, as you become increasingly familiar with yourself and your surroundings, your sensitivity heightens and you evolve into a space without limits. This is the location where all imaginative expression, including brilliant, inspiration, perception and intuition originate.


A kundalini experience varies for each person, and its sensations commonly rely on the type of meditative, tantric or yoga exercise experience where you get involved. The sensation may be remarkable for some and subtle for others. Some individuals state jerking motions or contractions in their body. It may also promote and heighten your senses and make you feel larger than the confines of your body.


All types of kundalini experiences are based upon the property that humans are an extension of a bigger life force. In yoga, this universal source is known as prana. In other practices, it’s called chi, the holy spirit, bio-energy or the breath of life. No matter your the title, to have a kundalini experience is to meet again with the cosmic energy from which you come.

Expert Insight

According to Leslie Shephard, the author of a number of metaphysical books consisting of ‘The World of Paranormal Phenomena’ and ‘The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Para-psychology,’ the kundalini awakening is more reliable than various other New Age gimmicks. In his words, ‘With old and new tricks, gurus at least revived the old Indian idea of kundalini, a latent energy in the universe and in the body.’