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Chair yoga consists of routine yoga positions that instructors adapt and modify so pupils can practice them in a chair. Yoga pupils who exercise with a regular mat can go to chair yoga classes to get a new feel for their poses. Individuals who’ve actually had injuries or who’ve persistent conditions can also get the perks of yoga by practicing in a chair. The Yoga Journal website highlights that people with workdesk tasks can adjust a whole yoga session to their office chair.

Overall Fitness

Chair yoga can assist pupils improve their general physical fitness level. According to the University of Michigan Health System, individuals are fit when they can do exercise with energy and a sense of well-being. Chair yoga improves your ability to turn, bend and move. While it doesn’t straight prepare you for extreme exercise, it permits you to stay up to date with your everyday life and normally enhance fundamental physical fitness.


Chair yoga makes use of postures such as Seated Warrior II and Seated Pigeon to extend and open the hips and Cow-Faced Arms to extend shoulders and arms. Instructors adjust nearly any yoga posture to the chair, so pupils gain the same perks as the floor or standing varieties, including enhanced flexibility. The University of Michigan Wellness System mentions versatility as one of the crucial elements of fitness.


While some yoga poses focus on versatility, lots of likewise strengthen muscles. For example, Chair Pose, with using your chair as a prop, strengthens the thighs and core muscles. You simply understand the sides of your chair as you sit up a couple of inches off of your chair seat. Seated Warriors and Leg Lifts also make great strengthening chair yoga positions.

Stress Relief

After stretching and enhancing with chair yoga positions, your body and mind can experience a launch of anxiety and tension. In addition to enhancing physical fitness, the Mayo Facility specifies that yoga can assist with stress management. The stretches, breathing workouts and reflection typical to yoga adjust quickly to a work desk chair, aircraft seat, wheel chair and other seated scenarios.

Handy Prop

Many yoga classes use blocks, boosts, wedges, mats and bands to assist students enter and hold yoga positions. A durable chair makes an useful prop, as well. Together with attempting yoga postures from seated positions, yogis can keep the back of their chair or their chair seat for aid with customized positions, such as Downward Struggling with Canine, or helped standing balance poses, such as Tree or Professional dancer.