Breath control shuts out distractions, even orange walls.

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All yoga is suggested to include breath control, also called pratyahara, as it’s the fifth limb of yoga’s eight limb system. You can control your breath at any time you such as, consisting of during your yoga presents, to gain its myriad benefits. The general objective of breath control is to take your focus away from the outside world and delve deeper into your inner self.

Mind Control

Controlled breathing does more than just manage your inhalations and exhalations, St. Mary’s Health System reports. The breath controls your prana, or life force, which in turn controls your entire body, including your frame of mind. If your breathing is stable and unwinded, your mind will be similarly quiet and relaxed. If your breathing is jagged, disrupted and unequal, your mind is going to behave in much the same means.


Breath control soothes and revitalizes, Yoga Journal and St. Mary’s clarify. The same means the managed, stable breathing makes for a stable mind, it can relieve the rest of your body as well as your spirit. The prana touches on a whole nerve network made up of 72,000 various nerves. These nerves become completely relieved and revitalized as your calm, steady breath touches them. When your nerves are soothed, your whole body and spirit’s typically soothed.


Breath control in yoga detaches you from the hurly-burly turmoil of the outside world, Yoga Journal notes. As you focus on your breath, your various other senses begin to subside, cutting off the interruptions from sound, taste as well as sight. Yoga Journal keeps in mind the detachment you receive from breath control is frequently compared to a turtle’s full detachment from the outside world when it pulls its head and legs into its shell.


As the fifth limb of yoga’s eight-limbed system, breath control prepares you for exactly what’s next in limbs six and seven, Yoga Journal and St. Mary’s say. Your utmost objective is union with the divine, and limbs 6 and seven are right on the verge of it. Limb six is dharana, or concentration, and limb 7 is dhyana, or mediation. You can much better attain and reap the benefits of both if you first practice breath control.