Weightlifting & Bikram Yoga

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There’s no particular hookup between Bikram, or ‘hot,’ yoga and weightlifting. Nevertheless, strength training is a fundamental part of any fitness program, and raising weights can assist your muscles execute better in challenging yoga postures. Nevertheless, you may not want to go straight to the weight room after a bikram class, hot yoga exercise makes you sweaty, and weights might slip out of sweaty hands, possibly leading to injuries. Consult your physician before including either Bikram yoga exercise or weightlifting to your workout regimen.

Bikram Basics

Bikram yoga, a practice established by guru Bikram Choudhury, is a series of 26 particular yoga postures. The poses are ideally done in a space warmed to around 100 degrees F, or even a little warmer. The heat is suggested to keep your muscles warm and fluid, which might assist you prevent injury while moving between positions.

Weightlifting Benefits

Holding a yoga exercise position works your muscles in an isometric way, meaning the muscle is actively working but not contracting or lengthening. The various other types of muscle work are isotonic– the contracting motion you carry out when curling a pinhead– and eccentric, in which you withstand the weight while extending a body part, such as with a leg press. You’ve to do all sorts of muscle work for the most effective muscles, because different sorts of work construct different sorts of stamina. Adding some strength training to your yoga program will make your muscles sturdy in addition to even more limber.


The UNITED STATE Department of Health and Person Services recommends that adults do muscle-strengthening tasks that involve all the major muscle groups on two or more days per week. It’s normally a great concept to skip a day in between raising sessions to offer your muscles time to recover, nevertheless, you can also focus on one muscle group one day and a different group the following, as long as you get a total of both sessions per week for each team.

Helpful Poses

Any yoga position that needs you to balance on your arms or on just one leg will assist construct muscle strength. Bikram yoga exercise consists of some of these postures, such as Eagle, Standing Head-to-Knee, Bow, Balancing Stick, Tree and Toe Stand. Chair posture is also a great strength-builder, since it takes your balance onto your toes. Handstands and headstands construct a lot of arm strength, but they are normally not consisted of in a Bikram course.