The civilized guy has built a coach, however has actually lost using his feet.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Since being on a prolonged abroad vacation, I’ve actually been contradicting Emerson’s opinion of the civilized person. Rather, I have been experiencing exactly what author and philosophy teacher Frederic Gros calls ‘a life scrubbed bare’ and an affirmation of the basic life: strolling.

Certain cities of the world are made for walking. I have simply spent 3 days in among them, Old Quebec. Exactly what makes it so? I’d state mostly it’s due to the fact that it teems with stunning and intriguing things to see.


In this world heritage ville, Daniel and I marched up hillsides and down dales brimming with structures returning to the 1600′s. We extended our holiday in the Old City to insure we’d the ability to see as much of it as possible – in some cases on our feet for 5 hours a day.

As part of visiting North America, I’ve actually been able to stroll through Golden Gate Park, hike through Lands End State Park and Mill Valley trails, promenade with inner city Ottawa, and stroll the area of Jamaica Plain’s Arboretum (Boston).


For years my walking was limited by discomfort and a limping gait triggered by osteoarthritis. I now can commemorate having young hips once more due to the miracle of two new prostheses.

Feet are very important to yogis as well as travelers. To support my feet while on our prolonged travels, I’ve actually taken virasana (hero present) breaks, done viparita karani (boosts the wall – or legs up anything vertical), and got myself grounded with doing all the standing positions and adho mukha savasana (downward facing canine posture).


Walking at its finest is a farming of presence – to yourself, to others, to the world. And is not that much like yoga?