In a world where yoga is exercised everywhere and at all times, global tourists who want to sample various schools and designs are lucky to have numerous courses at the pointers of their fingers.

This recently I experienced an unthinkable contrast in the two yoga courses I attended, one in Boston, the other in New york city City.

Jamaica Plain (Boston) is a dynamic neighborhood where ethnic assimilation is still going on. Dining establishments include African, Oriental and European cuisines. The properties for these establishments sit cheek to cheek with thrift establishments, an organic food cafe, a farmers market and taverns. Smack in the middle of things is the Centre Street Yoga school.

I was amazed that the school’s regular Saturday 9:30 am course was going to be held as it was the 4th of July, an essential holiday in the U.S. As it ended up, I squeezed into the class simply a minute prior to it began. Obviously since of the public vacation weekend, there were numerous vacationers like me in the course. Twice the number of guests as typical.

I haven’t been in a course of 50 people for a very long time. I haven’t done yoga in a hot space for yonks. And, I have not felt so pressured to carry out in years. Does it matter that I myself was developing the pressure, not the instructor? Not truly. The instructor was a positive, experienced teacher and managed to keep all the plates spinning smoothly, even though he ‘d never ever laid eyes on a reasonable variety of us prior to.

How did It go for me? I stretched myself psychologically, emotionally and physically. A couple of times, I wished to take a toilet break just to get out of my self-inflicted pressure cooker. I stressed sometimes that I was going to leave even worse for the wear. I kept seeing my watch. All of a sudden it was savasana time. At the end of all of it I felt great. Go figure!

The other school I visited is called Atelier Yoga, an area that measures up to its name. It’s on the leading floor of a Union Square (N.Y.) building and it’s tiny. 6 individuals in a pinch may suit the area, slender bodies at that. The room’s ceiling height is taller than the width of the square space. On the day Daniel and I went to the 4 pm session, it was simply us. A semi-private course in small properties could’ve been a cloying experience, however rather I felt supported by the sweet taste and humbleness of the instructor. She’d a good sense of humor, too, and informed us that her extreme focus on aspect in folding the yoga blankets was a function of Iyengar O.C.D.


The charm of yoga is its variety. It makes me that there’s rubbing and factionalising in the yoga world. I’ve actually been involved in this world for over 40 years, and it was ever thus. For my part, I say, vive la difference. Go forth and sample and enjoy!