I made use of to think that there were only 3 food groups: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. However I was wrong. Another category of food is vibrational frequency – a measurement of the electrical energy that exists in all natural living things. Food can assist or impede our health, depending upon its vibrational frequency. Food can likewise help the body in moving energy successfully and effectively – offered we eat the ideal kinds of foods.


Like food, we likewise have vibrational frequencies. Our frequencies, nevertheless, can be favorably or negatively influenced by a number of aspects, including our nutrition and the vibrational frequencies of the foods we eat.

The Vibration of Food

All foods in their natural state have vibrational frequency, a measurement of energy connected to bioelectricity (and indirectly connected to prana, or vital energy). The vibrational frequency of foods is normally determined in hertz (one hertz is one cycle per second of energy flow that’s constant between two points). The table below shows the vibration levels of canned and processed foods and particular unrefined foods.

Vibration Levels of Food Groups

Food Vibration Levels in Hertz (Hz)
Canned foods 0 Hz
Processed foods 0 Hz
Genetically modified (GM) foods 0 Hz
Fresh produce Up to 15 Hz
Fresh herbs 12-27 Hz
Dried herbs 2-27 Hz

By consuming foods without vibrational frequency (i.e., processed and GM foods), we’re indirectly polluting our body, we’re filling ourselves with elements that aren’t helpful to our wellness and wellness.

I call this subconscious eating. In other words, consuming merely to please our appetite, and tantalize our palate, however not taking note of how the foods we’re consuming will certainly benefit our physical system. Subconscious eating is the main cause of the hazardous state of our assimilative, digestive, and hormonal systems.

It’s in our nature to eat wholesome, natural (organic), nutrient-rich, high-vibrational foods to preserve a healthy and dynamic physical system. Moreover, the vibrational frequency of these foods resonates with our tissues, cells, and organs in a natural, harmonic manner. This resonance stimulates our own frequencies and begins to bring back coherence in our bioelectric fields to promote and preserve health.

High Vibration Food-Buying Tips

If you want to be guaranteed of getting food that’s a high vibrational frequency, then, as much as possible, purchase food that’s been grown organically, in your area, and in season.

Why Buy Certified Organic?

  • Certified organic foods are chemical-free. They’re grown without insecticides, herbicides, fumigants, or fungicides. Numerous of the chemicals made use of in non-organic farming are known carcinogens.
  • Organic foods include approximately ten times the mineral material of non-organic produce.
  • Organic standards prohibit the use of municipal strong waste or sewage sludge as compost ingredients.

Why Buy Local?

  • Local foods have the most nutrients. The majority of foods shipped long distances and from other countries are typically chosen prior to they ripen, thus bypassing the complete development of the food, and premature selecting means fewer nutrients.
  • Buying locally assists your local economy by keeping dollars circulating in your community.
  • You help protect the environment. Because regional food doesn’t need to take a trip far, co2 discharges are reduced and fewer packing materials are made use of.
  • You support family farms and farmland preservation.

Why Buy in Season?

  • Eating in period keeps us in alignment with Mother Nature.
  • Seasonal food is fresher, tastier, and more healthy than out-of-season food.
  • Out-of-season food may be force grown in synthetic conditions, which might impact the food’s dietary composition and taste (compare the taste of a tomato purchased in December with one bought in August).
  • The seeds of seasonal foods sprout in the soil at the right time, so the plants are normally more powerful and more resistant to disease and produce better-quality veggies and fruit.