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There are a variety of yoga presents that boost upper-body strength, according to ‘Yoga Journal.’ A strength-building yoga series can consists of positions such as downward-facing canine, plank, upward-facing canine and dolphin. Contact your healthcare company before beginning a yoga regimen.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-facing canine is among the most widely recognized postures in yoga. It builds upper-body strength by training the arm and spinal muscles. Start by placing your hands and knees on the floor. Your hands will be shoulder-width apart with your palms on the floor, fingers spread broad. Your knees continue to be hip-width apart. From there, you’ll gradually push your palms down, pushing into your shoulders while you move from your knees onto your feet, lifting your sitting bones towards the ceiling. For more of a difficulty, try raising one foot off the floor.


Starting in downward-facing dog, inhale and draw your chest forward up until your shoulders are over your wrists. Your arms will be perpendicular to the floor and you’ll be up on your toes. Hold this present for 30 to 60 seconds, and then breathe out and lower your body down to the floor. For even more of a difficulty, hold your pose for 10 seconds right before you lower to the floor. This reinforces the inner and outer muscles of the arms, the biceps and triceps.

Upward-Facing Dog

Lying vulnerable on the floor, after being in plank position, stretch your legs back with your toes flat on the floor. Your arms will remain shoulder-width apart with your palms on the floor. While inhaling, raise with your arms, raising your head toward the ceiling. Push your chest up and out and raise your head. For even more of a difficulty, look up and toward the ceiling, bewaring not to compress the neck bones. This will establish the muscles of the arms and chest, and boost and develop versatility in the spinal muscles.


From upward-facing pet, begin to curl your toes under, going back to downward-facing pet dog. Change your arm position by placing your forearms on the floor, palms dealing with each other. Do one arm at a time, otherwise you might fail on your face. This present resembles downward-facing canine, nevertheless, your lower arms stay on the floor. Hold your head in between your arms as you continue to push your lower arms into the floor. This is a more difficult position and could take time to discover.