Union Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga educator training programs vary in length, and some can be completed face to face or online. At Union Yoga, found in Lake Leelanau, Mich., you can become a qualified yoga teacher by finishing an intensive training course, a 28-day program, or a 7- to 12-month weekend module program on website.

Union Yoga educator trainings are authorized by Yoga Partnership, a business that country wide controls and acknowledges accredited yoga educators. The level 1 certification requires 200 hours of training. The level 2, master certification needs 500 hours of training. Both certifications need to be finished personally at Union Yoga. You need to complete the 200-hour course and have 100 hours of documented teaching experience before being eligible for the 500-hour master accreditation. You’ve to complete an admission application and pay a cost for either accreditation.


Yoga instructor training programs are concentrated on a certain yoga philosophy and style. The teaching approach of Union Yoga is that continuous self-inquiry is your finest possession as a yoga instructor. Creator Sandra Carden researched a number of methods of yoga including iyengar, ashtanga and kripalu. She likewise researched ayurveda, yoga philosophy and vipassana mind-calming exercise. The studio focuses on kundalini yoga, yin-yang yoga and vinyasa yoga.

200-Hour Course Curriculum

The first area of 200-hour certification is 28 hours and covers anatomy, physiology and ayurveda. Next, the research of lifestyle and ethic guidelines lasts 10 hours. Sanskrit’s studied for 20 hours, and teaching method for 40 hours. Study of method lasts for 100 hours. The program requires 20 hours’ study time of the history of yoga, yoga literature and yoga philosophy. Students also research yoga business abilities for four hours.

500-Hour Course Curriculum

In the 500-hour master accreditation, the topics covered in the 200-hour certification are researched on a more extreme level. The modules include yoga for stability, surrender, strength, empowerment, interest, healing and purification. In addition, pranayama, the practice of breath, is studied in depth, in addition to the ancient yogic texts ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ and ‘The Bhagavad Gita.’ The course likewise includes a 40-hour silent mind-calming exercise and a 10-hour ayurvedic spa refuge.