More and more people these days consider yoga retreats as their alternative vacation option. Generally, guests buy an all-inclusive package that accommodates  the practice of yoga and overall wellness. Depending on the type, yoga retreats differ according to accommodations, price, settings and activities. But whether you are looking for a budget-friendly and no-frills escape or something sassier and more elaborate, the following types will help you decide:

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1. Yoga Retreat Vacation

The beauty of a yoga retreat vacation is that it inspires people to get in touch with their inner peace and calm, where deep healing and quantum shifts come to pass. It is supposed to offer you the opportunity to relax  and take a break from your crazily hectic lifestyle.

2. Surf Yoga Retreat

This type of yoga retreat offers individuals the opportunity to become one with nature while surfing the ocean. It focuses on establishing a connection between the mind, body and spirit all through the wonders of surfing, yoga and raw vegan cuisine.

3. Bikram Yoga Retreat

Bikram Yoga is known for its excellence in reshaping your body through strength improvement,  weight loss and tone and flexibility. Whether you opt for a weekend in a local setting or go all the way to an exotic destination, this retreat will help you be in a focused and stress-reduced mental state through the merging of Bikram yoga and environmental inspiration.

4. Spa Yoga Retreat

Spa Yoga is thought to prevent  specific maladies and diseases by keeping the life energy flowing and energy meridians open.  In fact, it can be used to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve coordination, flexibility, concentration, sleep, and digestion. Also, it can serve as supplementary therapy for conditions like cancer, diabetes, asthma, AIDS and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

A mind-soothing journey to a yoga retreat is, without a doubt, a treat for the senses. However, at the end of the day, regardless of what type you prefer, the most important thing is that you regain that seemingly elusive, but well-deserved, balance in your  personal and work life.