Happy August Everybody, from your DRISHTIQ family!

August is typically related to as a time of transition: the transition of periods, change into a brand-new academic year, maybe right into a brand-new job or regular juggling job as well as institution and also fall tasks once more.

However, the trouble with transition is it is typically paired with some amount of fear.

So just how can we shift a lot more with dignity as well as with much less anxiety? What can we do to care for our own selves right into the unidentified or brand-new?

Maybe we look nature as well as the shift of a butterfly. The method it curls itself right into its chrysalis and also takes much more rest, its persistence as its body shifts modifications develop into something brand-new. Patience at the same time and recognizing the development that comes with modification and change.

The change of period consistently brings beauty in all of its types. Probably we alleviate into seasonal change by dedicating to a habit of stopping briefly in the here and now minute a lot more often, turning off for also simply 30 seconds and appreciating the elegance in the transforming nature scene that unravels around us.

Perhaps we honor transition by including a brand-new behavior- probably practicing meditation every day for 5 mins, in order to reset as well as remove the mind, concentrating on breath as well as today minute. Perhaps a yoga exercise class that takes you to your personal edge- might that be power and toughness or stillness and also breath.

Happy transition. Take pleasure in every existing moment. See you on your mat.