Training for Yoga Teachers for Kids

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Many grownups so enjoy their yoga practice that they have established special yoga courses for kids. From the teacher who wants to include a couple of postures to calm her class down to New york city’s Karma Children Yoga, a studio simply for kids, yoga for the more youthful set is turning up all over. If you enjoy both children and yoga, and you feel the call to teach, lots of studios now deal unique training.

Yoga for Kids

Most children have a shorter attention period than grownups, so kids’ yoga courses are made specifically for them. A children’ course is generally much shorter, and is more likely to consist of stories and games. Poses may be more powerful than in adult courses, including practices like jumping tree, where children hop around in their tree postures on one leg, or animal postures with sound impacts. Educators may include art or puppets into the class.

Target Audience

While some individuals who train as children’ yoga teachers prepare to instruct in a yoga studio, others may be integrating yoga strategies into other setups. Parents, educators, caregivers and pediatric health experts are all prospects for this training. Some yoga for kids programs require a specific level of yoga experience, but others do not. The Yoga Kids website asks just for an open heart and a love for children from trainees, and while it states a year of yoga experience is helpful, it’s not required.

Yoga Alliance Standards

No accreditation is officially needed for teaching yoga, but the Yoga Partnership set up shop in 1999 to create minimum criteria for instructors. Those who meet the criteria and pay a charge can join the YA’s registry. The YA has an unique 95-hour accreditation option for children’s yoga educators. It costs $25 for UNITED STATE locals and $35 for international educators on top of the regular annual costs for YA accreditation. Kid’s yoga instructors are needed to have 12 hours of basic background in child development, 20 hours of techniques, training and practice, 15 hours of training approach, 10 hours of anatomy and physiology, 12 hours of yoga philosophy, principles and way of living for children’s instructors, 18 hours practicum, and 8 hours of electives.

Training Programs

Training for kids’s yoga educators ranges from mid-day workshops to sessions that last a couple of days. A lot of have numerous tiers of study and prices. It’s Yoga, Kids offers a $199 afternoon workshop and a $499 10-hour weekend course. The similarly called YogaKids, established by Marsha Wenig, deals trainings around the United States. Those who’re greatly motivated by the four-day workshop, which costs $849, can further study to become a YogaKids apprentice. This course costs $3,499 and involves a house practicum and a seven-day immersion. Karma Kids offers a 30-hour course for $795, with chances for practice training in public schools.