Bikram or hot yoga has lots of health benefits

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Hot yoga uses traditional yoga postures in a specially designed studio heated up to minimum of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and kept at 40 per cent humidity throughout the 90-minute course. The practice includes a particular series of 26 traditional hatha yoga positions. Hot yoga founder Bikram Choudhury believes that that exercising yoga in a heated room helps to ease muscles and prevent injury when stretching.


Choudhury, former National Yoga Champ of India, designed Bikram yoga, likewise called hot yoga. This type of yoga ended up being popular in Los Angeles during the very early 1970s and as of 2011 had actually spread worldwide. The 26 postures, called asana, are designed to warm and extend muscles, ligaments and tendons, in the order where they must be stretched.


Regular involvement in any yoga course helps to enhance basic physical fitness, boost flexibility and enhance strength and muscle tone. Choudhury asserts that hot yoga advertises total health with cleansing the body with sweat and balancing every system in the body. Fresh oxygenated blood is travelled through each of the organs, which can enhance cardiac and lung systems. It can likewise help improve the effectiveness of the body’s intestinal system, metabolic rate and promote fat burning he specifies. Choudhury mentions that ‘you won’t get the designated advantages up until it’s done 100 percent’ correctly.

Psychological Aspects

With all forms of yoga, the balance of body and mind and the focus on breathing throughout courses can help advertise good sleeping patterns, reduce anxiety and assist individuals who experience high levels of stress and anxiety. The brief reflection phase after each posture helps to focus the mind and enable the body to process the benefits of the previous position.


Obtain the suggestions of a physician before participating in Bikram yoga. Exercising hot yoga can make brand-new individuals feel woozy and sick. This initial sensation passes as soon as the body has adapted to the temperature. Pregnant females need to not practice Bikram yoga, due to the increase in core body temperature it causes. Beverage lots of water prior to and throughout the course to prevent dehydration and sit out if you become overheated or lightheaded.