Traditional Hatha Yoga and Asana

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The practice of yoga is more than 5 thousand years old, according to the American Yoga Association. The AYA states that yoga is developed on three pillars: breathing, meditation and exercise. Various branches of yoga use these pillars in various means. The Sanatan Society specifies that hatha yoga is the very best understood kind of yoga in the Western world, in this yoga practice, asanas, or positions, are integrated with breathing and mind-calming exercise.


According to the Sanatan Society, ‘ha’ implies sun and ‘tha’ suggests moon, hatha yoga is thus referred to as a type of yoga that combines opposites. Yoga trainer Cyndi Lee also defines hatha as meaning ‘forceful’ or ‘willful’ and says hatha yoga aims to produce balance. In the physique, this balance typically suggests a balance of strength and flexibility, emotionally, a balance ought to be struck in between effort and surrender during poses.


Hatha yoga emphasizes postures known as asanas, done in a series in addition to breath control, called pranayama, states the Sanatan Society. This is stated to energize the bodily networks and aid in concentration, reflection and balance. Focusing on breathing also makes it possible for a specific to slow down thoughts and concerns, and be more present and mindful in the present moment.


In hatha yoga, breathing is very important to the practice, the Sanatan Society states that if breath can be mastered, proficiency of the mind may be possible. Breath is seen as the life force, and breathing exercises help manage breath flow with the body, providing yogic energy. Strategies for special breathing practices are stated to stabilize the 2 hemispheres of the brain, urging general samadhi, or balance, says the society. The AYA adds that the capacity to regulate breath also urges general health and wellness.

Importance of Asanas

The Sanatan Society describes asanas as having two purposes: meditation needs being in a position for long periods of time, and the more asanas an individual can understand, the better the possibility of excellent meditation methods, and asanas assistance open the stations of the body, urging good health and promoting energy. Daily asana practice can assist establish concentration, strategy and strength of will, says the Sanatan Society.


Although numerous hatha yoga asanas are gentle and restorative, it’s possible to become injured practicing yoga. Taking classes when starting to exercise yoga or following a trustworthy yoga DVD may be practical. Prior to starting any workout regimen, including yoga, seeking advice from a health care supplier can be beneficial.