Toxin & Chemical Free Yoga Mats

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When you do yoga, you improve your fitness, stretch your muscles, lower tension and improve your state of mind, however you might likewise be putting your wellness and the environment at danger. It’s possible if you are practicing on a standard yoga mat. You can replace your toxic mat with among a number of green yoga mats on the market, if you know exactly what to look for.


Traditional yoga mats constructed from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, include the carcinogen vinyl chloride. Yoga mats may also include plasticizers to make them sticky and pliable. Sometimes, the plasticizers used include phthalates, lead or cadmium, adding to the prospective toxicity of the mats. Exercise mats aren’t the only yoga items that may include toxins, yoga blocks made use of to assist you get into or hold a pose could also contain carcinogens.

Rubber Mats

Rubber yoga mats provide a toxic-free alternative to standard plastic mats. Made from natural material from rubber trees, these mats often be considerably heavier than plastic mats, but they are likewise biodegradable. If you’ve a latex allergy, you may need to opt for an artificial rubber mat, recommends Consumer Reports. You could likewise find the odor of rubber mats to be a little on the strong side.

Plant Fiber Mats

As an option to PVC mats, yoga mats made from plant fibers, such as hemp, jute and cotton, give you an additional naturally degradable option and one that’s also made from sustainable products. Consumer Reports suggests that green-focused customers choose mats that are accredited natural to ensure that your mat is not made from plants treated with pesticides. An additional option is to choose a yoga mat made from a combination of natural rubber and plant fibers.


Other plastic mats are marketed as ecologically friendly, including mats constructed from polymer environmental resin and thermoplastic elastomers. The polymer environmental resin mats are made from exactly what’s called clean PVC, which is allegedly free from phthalates and dioxins. Nonetheless, Customer Reports warns that the favorable environmental cases accompanying these plastic options to standard PVC mats hasn’t been verified.