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The press handstand, where you utilize your strength and balance to roll unassisted into a complete vertical handstand, plays an essential role in your collection of gymnastic skills. Not only is this showy maneuver a tremendous conditioning workout by itself, but it can be infiltrated a regular on the balance beam, rings, or parallel bars. You must only carry out the press handstand when your coach feels you’re ready, he might recommend a series of versatility and conditioning exercises to prepare you.


The press handstand is a remarkable feat of strength, and one that can help enhance your all-around performance. Gymnastics Transformation keeps in mind that the balance obtained by developing the press handstand can be available in helpful with toppling and balance beam work. Although considerable strength is should perform this tough headstand, having good flexibility– specifically in the hips– makes the handstand less strenuous. In other words, the even more limber you are, the less muscle power is required.


Drills and Abilities recommends exercising the position known as the ‘pancake’– sitting on the floor with your legs broad apart and flexing forward straight-backed until your chest touches either the floor or your legs– as especially effective preparation for the press handstand. The press headstand can likewise help ready you for the handstand. Begin kneeling, with your hands on the mat about shoulder-width apart and the top of your head touching the mat about 8 inches ahead of your hands. Keeping your legs straight and your toes pointed, center your hips straight over your head, this is the position you need to master in order to do the press handstand. Spread your legs broad and lift them into the headstand, making sure your torso stays vertical. When you’re successfully in the headstand, you can develop strength and fluidness by repetitively reducing your legs– while still large apart in straddle position– and touching your toes briefly to the mat. Then bring your legs and hips back up into the headstand.

Handstand Against Wall

A great drill to help prepare for the press handstand is to exercise executing it versus a wall. Start out dealing with the wall with your hands on the floor about a foot from the wall, and lean over and push your shoulders versus it. From a straddled standing position, perform the press to the handstand, however do not allow yourself to straighten out into a full handstand, bring your legs down to the mat, touching your toes to it, then raise them once more. By supplying something to stabilize against– namely, the wall– this workout enables you to focus on establishing the focused strength you’ll need, along with helping you become accustomed to the all-important idea of having your hips focused directly over you head. As an alternative to wall practice, Gymnastics Revolution advises having your coach ‘spot’ you by holding your thigh or hips and directing them into position.


To do a press handstand, start from a medium-width straddle stand. Place your palms on the mat simply in front of your feet, and raise your legs, in a broad straddle, up until they’re raised straight over your head. Remember to keep your arms directly as your legs and hips increase, it could help to visualize your palms lowering with the floor. Your torso needs to also be straight. Specialists suggest keeping the straddle as large as possible to keep the center of mass over your hands.