Tibetan Yoga Poses

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Out of the mists of time appeared particular disciplines designed to engender consistency in the minds and souls of their specialists. Ancient yogis from India, steeped in the custom of contemplative reflection, progressed the practice by developing workouts aimed at reinforcing the body in addition to the mind. And from Tibet emerged a series of moving, invigorating yoga postures that are known today as the 5 Tibetans.

First Tibetan Yoga Pose

Often compared with Sufi Whirling, the first Tibetan yoga position is a workout that’d have come normally to your five-year-old self. From a standing position, raise your arms to shoulder height and parallel to the floor. Focus your eyes on one point in the room then start spinning in a counter-clockwise way. Try for 21 rotates, however if the dizziness you experience is too intense, begin with as few as three spins, working up to 21 over time. Breathe naturally throughout.

Second Tibetan Yoga Pose

Come down to the floor for the 2nd Tibetan yoga present. Lay with your arms along your sides, palms dealing with up and your legs outstretched. On an inhale, raise both of your legs till they’re ideally perpendicular to the floor while at the same time raising your head and bringing your chin in the instructions of your chest. Exhale, and lower your head and legs to the floor. This is an intense workout for your abdomen, so do as numerous as you can. Work up to 21 in time.

Third Tibetan Yoga Pose

For the 3rd Tibetan yoga position, concern a kneeling position on the floor, making use of a yoga mat or small rug if your knees hurt. Place your hands on the sides of your thighs and let your head drop forward. Inhale and begin raising your head and letting it fall backwards easily without straining. At the same time, move your hands to the backs of your thighs in order to support this slight back flex. While breathing out, return your head and hands to the original position. Aim to develop to 21 repeatings over time.

Fourth Tibetan Yoga Pose

The fourth Tibetan yoga position starts by sitting on the floor with your legs outstretched in front of you with your feet slightly apart. Place your hands on the floor beside your upper thighs and fingers pointing towards your feet. Lower your head forward a little, inhale then at the same time raise your butt while flexing your knees till your upper body is parallel to the floor. Let your head drop back, then exhale and lower yourself pull back to the starting position. Do as many of the fourth Tibetan as you can, working up to 21 repeatings over time.

Fifth Tibetan Yoga Pose

Aspects of the fifth Tibetan yoga posture will recognize to professionals of Indian style yoga as it includes the Downward Pet posture integrated with the Cobra. Pertained to your hands and knees on the floor. Curl your toes under and then align your legs. As you inhale into this variation of the Cobra position, balance just on your toes and hands while letting your head fall back. Exhale and raise your sitting bones into the air while bringing your heels close to the ground and straightening your arms as you’d in Downward Pet dog. As you breathe in, go back to your starting position and duplicate this maneuver approximately 21 times.