A brown-bag lunch does not have to be a boring lunch.

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Whether your work environment does not have a microwave or you are tired of taking on co-workers to utilize it, in some cases it’s easier to bring a cold lunch to work. Sandwiches are a suitable selection, however they are not the only choice. Salads, fruit, hard-boiled eggs and cold soups such as gazpacho permit a range of lunch options even when your kitchen centers are limited.


Introduce range into your sandwiches by using various kinds of bread, such as whole wheat, rye, onion or raisin, suggest Rhonda Schueller and Alice Henneman, of the College of Nebraska Cooperative Extension. Do not limit yourself to two pieces of fundamental bread, attempt English muffins, bagels, pita bread, flour tortillas, pumpernickel or rice cakes. Whole-grain breads offer more fiber for the health-conscious. To prevent sogginess, pack sandwich garnishes separately. Toppers include spinach, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber, zucchini and shredded carrots.


The word ‘salad’ doesn’t necessarily suggest lettuce. Attempt a salad of raw veggies with strips of lean prepared meat, or a salad of fresh fruits and cheese, tuna fish or chicken, brown rice with dices of poultry, or veggies with dressing and cubes of Swiss cheese. Cold potato salad or macaroni salad are 2 appropriate options for work. To supply a serving of vegetables and fruit, bring raw vegetables and fruits– including broccoli florets, strips of green pepper, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cherries, grapes, bananas and peaches. Keep the dressing individual till lunch to prolong its freshness.

Other Options

You also can try hard-boiled eggs, cold meats like fried chicken, cheese dices and yogurt for lunch. If you do not have a refrigerator at work, bring bread, crackers or cereal, together with dried, fresh or separately packaged fruits. Jerky, peanut butter, seeds and nuts likewise don’t require refrigeration. If you’ve a refrigerator but no means of warming your food, cold soups such as gazpacho, vichyssoise and chilled fruit soups make ideal summertime soups, composes Brian Brooks of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

Drink and Dessert

Schueller and Henneman advise low-fat desserts including fig bars, gingersnaps, unsalted pretzels and plain popcorn. Homemade baked products made with whole grains and fruit pieces are a healthy selection. For a refreshment, bring low-fat or skim milk, or fruit juices made from 100 percent juice. Water is a fine choice for a refreshment while a piece of fruit makes a healthy dessert.