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Los Angeles is the second-largest city in America in regards to population, with even more than 3.8 million individuals. A big portion of that populace, 9.7 percent percent since 2000, is seniors, according to the United States Census Bureau. With mild weather condition and very little rain throughout the year, L.a provides its senior population with a host of activities to help them enjoy their golden years.


There are numerous workout courses targeted toward elderly people. These exercise classes promote low effect activity and stretching developed to keep and grow movement within the body. Whether you like light aerobics or yoga, there’s definitely a class for you. Have a look at Gentle Senior citizen Yoga in Santa Monica or the Department of Recreation or Parks which provides many senior centers which provide exercise classes.

Senior Softball

The L.a Parks and Leisure Department has a softball league committed to females who’re older than 45 and men who’re older than 55. There are also several tournaments held throughout the year with the parks and entertainment department which seniors can participate in.


Golf is a terrific way to remain active while taking pleasure in fresh air and taking in the sunlight that California needs to offer. The county of L.a possesses and runs 19 courses that boast more than 306 holes of golf. These courses are scattered throughout the county and array from par 3 courses to full-scale 18-hole courses. The county of Los Angeles offers a price cut to seniors that depends on HALF off the regular eco-friendlies fees, depending on the course. Contact the department and obtain a senior golf card to get the senior price cuts.

Senior Centers

The Los Angeles Department of Parks and Leisure maintains 27 senior centers which hold activities, including social mixers, dances, exercise courses, dishes and craft courses. See the internet site for the Los Angeles Park and Recreations Department for specific info being held at the numerous places throughout the year.


The Los Angeles Parks and Entertainment Department also holds tennis tournaments throughout the year. Numerous of these tennis tournaments are bracketed by age. This permits individuals in a comparable age range to compete versus each other during the tournament.


Los Angeles also offers dancing courses and events to the senior citizen populace through the Los Angeles Parks and Entertainment Department. There’s a dancing club, which belongs to the department, which holds the routine events across Los Angeles.