To Prop or Not To Prop

Carrying royalty of Yoga exercise Props Queen was heavy work when I began teaching in the 1980’s. There were various styles of yoga exercise around yet unless you were an Iyengar-trained educator, you were likely to do your poses unpropped.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga exercise stood apart as one of the styles which only required a prepared body/mind and also a non-skid floor covering. As this design came to be much more prominent and spin-offs were generated, there was an amount of time when yoga exercise instructors looked down their noses at the use of props. Yoga tools were deemed props for students who could not achieve the ‘proper’ pose.

As it occurs, in the irrepressible manner in which yoga exercise maintains developing, attitudes toward props changed. Props started penetrating all however the most purist studios. The lengthy, thick pillows called strengthens were showing up in antenatal classes. Month-to-month ‘restorative’ workshops needed masses of props. Special requirements classes were a new property development, they demanded that the yoga exercise teacher make use of a variety of props to customize yoga technique to an individual’s needs.

What Are They?

Just in situation you’re not acquainted with yoga props, they are primarily any device that will assist you attain a pose. A few of the a lot more common ones are: rectangle-shaped blocks, two or 3 metre bands, boosts, and also backless, flat-seated chairs. Other props consist of foam wedges, meditation cushions, whale-shaped backbenders, and also sandbags. Also a wall could be used as a prop.


Here’s some of the factors I want to utilize props.

  1. They give access to higher versatility as well as endurance for pupils who are rigid or out of condition.
  2. They assist a student breathe with more ease.
  3. They offer time for a student to develop the body/mind connection.
  4. They can minimize the tendency to be pushy.
  5. They remind pupils where their limitations are and also to work within them, and also, consequently …
  6. Props could help a pupil be less ego-driven and perhaps grow even more humility.

Simply put, the important things that props do is create even more ease and control in doing yoga practice.

Here’s a particularly attractive handmade prop that’s involved my attention. It’s called ‘The Wave’ from Waves of Yoga:

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The Wave, when compared with The Whale (below), is a miracle of compact, portable devices. Unlike The Whale, it takes up little space whatsoever if your room is limited. It’s created steadily, as well as, at the very same time, it appears like a handcrafted item of fine art (which it is).

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The image on top of this web page shows one means The Wave could be made use of to combat a rounded back. For anyone that rests for long hrs at the computer system, The Wave will certainly decrease strain in the top back and also the propensity in the direction of kyphosis. If you are less flexible, you might want to place obstructs under your head to lower the arc of your back.

I’ve been having fun with The Wave today and also these are just a few methods it could be put to excellent use.


Lying over this arc, using it for legs-up-the wall, or as a support for the bridge will certainly allow your chest to open up. Flexing and also opening this crucial area has a salutary effect on the heart, lungs and thyroid. When these organs work effectively, energy levels rise.

Finally, utilized in various methods, ‘The Wave’ can help launch the sacrum, lumbar as well as cervical spinal column.