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Happiness never decreases by being shared.

Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, instructs that ‘like increases like.’ This inherently applies not only to exactly what we eat, but our actions and ideas too. Time has actually proven to me that thankfulness is no various. Showing gratitude for our lots of blessings, no matter how big or little, just adds to our list of things to be grateful for.

Here are some things I am grateful for right now:

1. A warm home to take refuge in when the temperature level (lastly) drops for the winter.
2. A loving and supportive family who urges and supports me on my path.
3. The community of creative and motivating yoga educators and students who’re making their way throughout my course and into my life.

I was lucky sufficient to grow up with a mother who encouraged the lost art of letter-writing to me and my brother and sister. She cultivated my love for the composed word since I learned to write by insisting we compose thank you notes for every birthday card and Christmas gift … I’d pen buddies throughout the world, and wrote a Christmas letter to my kindergarten educator until I was well into my 20′s.

I read The Function Driven Life by Rick Warren when I was in senior high school. The last chapter urged us to hand-write a couple of letters to people who’d motivated, urged, and directed us on our path. It was the first time I’d ever composed a thank you card to somebody who hadn’t given me ‘things’- there was no ‘thank you for the ___, I’ll use it for ___’ template. This was a little more abstract, a little tougher to define.

Handwritten thank you’s at completion of every year have actually been a whole-hearted practice of mine for a long time now. I am constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of others, however there are generally a couple of standouts that instantly enter your mind when I think about what I’ve actually accomplished and where I’ve actually been in the in 2012.

Take a long time to contemplate who you may consider writing a thank you note to this year. If nobody immediately enters your mind, here’s a couple of concerns to consider:

1. What’s one major goal that you have crossed off of your list this year, and who helped you get there?

Regardless of what any individual states, we require each various other’s support to reach our greatest accomplishments. No one gets to where they’re totally by themselves.